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Kayako is the customer support tool for happier, more productive teams and memorable customer experiences.

Quality customer support should be easy

Stay personal as you grow

Manage hundreds or hundreds of thousands of conversations while treating every customer as an individual, not a number.

Make excellence the new norm

With all your customer’s information readily at hand, turn every conversation into an opportunity for going above and beyond.

Do more with your time

Eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on bigger, more meaningful work - like treating each customer like an individual versus a ticket.

Kayako is an absolutely fantastic app that helps to keep us organized and our customers happy.


Marketing Manager

Support, review, improve, repeat.


Understand performance and team workload balance with at-a-glance customer support dashboards.

Measure and report

Ask the hard questions, get easy answers. Monitor customer satisfaction and your team performance, and get instant access to the metrics that matter.

Optimize your workflow

Take control of your support workload by tracking priority, statuses, and conversation types.

Deliver customer service you’d dream of receiving

Collaborate across teams

Give the best answer first by looping in people from beyond your support team - right in the customer conversation.

A personal touch that scales

Macros and placeholders make it easy to deliver fast and memorable responses, no matter how many customers you’re supporting.

Help customers help themselves

Customers can answer their own questions, quickly and simply with a Help Center tailored to your unique brand and content.

Be more productive with your time


Automate conversation assignment across your team and trigger notifications based on conversation properties.

Collision detection

Reduce duplicate effort by understanding when another agent is viewing or already replying to a conversation.


Stay on top of your workload by tracking performance with SLA goals for response and resolution times.

Time tracking

Know exactly which customers and issues cause headaches for your team, and see how productive they really are.

Customer information at your fingertips

Customer journey

Visualize your customer's journey and unify all your customer's interactions.


Bring customer activities from over 650+ apps for immediate context.

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Effortless live chat support is just a click away

Kayako Messenger

Support customers with an instinctively easy way to talk to your customers.

Proactive engagement

Engage visitors and convert them into customers with proactive messages based on their behavior.

Mobile support

Help customers wherever they are: Kayako Messenger works perfectly through mobile browsers, or you embed in your own mobile apps.

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