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No need to duplicate effort. Bring multiple teams (like HR, IT, and Facilities) onto Kayako and keep everything in one place.

Multi-channel support

Support users across email conversations, help center tickets, and even live chat.

Help Center

Save time and effort for everyone. Let users find their own answers with a branded, login-only Help Center.

Live chat

Give employees an easy way to get in touch with effortless real-time messaging.


Ask employees and agents to provide the right information you need to have more context, analyze effectively, and automate your workflows.

Context you need for fast, personal replies

Customer journey

Visualize your user’s journey. The information your agents need to respond quickly and personally is at their fingertips.

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User profiles

Get an at-a-glance history of your customer’s behavior with notes, help center page views and searches, and updates from integrations.


Bring user interactions and activities from all your apps into one place.

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Reduce inefficiency and duplication


Route conversations to the correct teams, set notifications based on certain properties, and build workflows that work for your business.

Canned responses

Speed up replies and answer common queries with a single click.


Offer a seamless experience and increase security with Single Sign On for agents and users.

Report on productivity and performance


Keep all tasks on track and never drop the ball with Service Level Agreement response and resolution times.


Measure your team’s performance across customer satisfaction, efficiency, and SLA resolution times.

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