Happy colleagues make happy customers

Everybody deserves great service experiences - especially your hardworking internal teams. With Kayako, you can focus on supporting your team, so your team can focus on their day-to-day.

Stay personal as you grow

Manage hundreds or thousands of conversations while treating every customer as an individual, not a number.

Work smarter

Streamline your workflow, and give quality, fast responses for 10 users as well as 100 users.

Smarter users

Your team can get the answers they need in seconds with your Kayako Help Center.

Get easy answers

With Kayako, your team can answer their own questions, saving your time (and theirs too). Whether through your help center, live chat, or via email, your team can quickly get the help they need.

Give your full support

No need to duplicate effort. Multiple teams (like HR, IT, and Facilities) can use Kayako to support your employees - keeping everything in one place and reducing inefficiency.

No more manual effort

Measure and streamline your processes with Kayako. Find out where you need to improve, automate the pain away, and build workflows that work for your business.

Kayako has everything you need to support your internal teams.

Teams and roles

Group your people into teams and assign roles to control permissions


Bring your whole business into Kayako quickly, easily and for free

User profiles

Put your user’s support history and activities together in one place

Custom Forms

Collect the right information you need to build a smooth support experience

Help Center

Give your customers a support destination that’s available 24/7


Automatically update your conversations with just a click, instead of ten

Single Sign On

Use Active Directory authentication for a seamless experience


Integrate Kayako with your own systems with our well-documented API

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