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Kayako's feature set goes deeper at every level with advanced reporting, powerful workflow automation and multi-channel support. Plus we also have live chat!

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Optimized security and privacy

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Kayako, the best Help Scout alternative, provides your customers with out-of-the-box omnichannel support without the need for any integrations and add-ons. Let your customers get in touch with you from anywhere, anytime and provide a support experience that’s personal and connected.

Kayako offers more than Helpscout with live chat, multichannel support and over 600 integrations that help your team deliver fantastic customer support.

Features Kayako Helpscout
Email Yes Yes
Live chat Yes No
Facebook & Twitter Yes No
Basic help center Yes No
Assignment rules Yes Yes
Insights Yes Yes
Collision prevention Yes Yes
Reply-only macros Yes No
600+ integrations with Zapier Yes No
Workflows Yes Yes
SLA and business hours Yes No
Macros Yes No
Single sign-on Yes No
iOS & Android Apps Yes Yes
Customer satisfaction Yes Yes
Canned responses Yes Yes
@mentions Yes Yes

Typically, as your organization grows, so does your arsenal of support tools. Kayako, a Help Scout competitor, however, gives you everything you need straight out of the box and saves you from having to purchase expensive add-ons and integrate 3rd party software.

We bring you a mix of features that empower your team, such as workflow automation, multi-channel customer support, live chat and the ability to collaborate with teams across your organization. What’s more, Kayako’s powerful and easy to use reporting enables you to visualize your team’s performance so you can take action outside of the app to optimize your team’s output.

Workflows & Integration

With over 500 more integrations than Help Scout, it’s easy to understand why many customers see Kayako as one of the best Help Scout alternatives. With Kayako you can connect to all the apps your team already uses. As you scale the need for automation becomes critical. Kayako helps save you time through a simple and easy setup for workflow automations across multiple apps.

integrates with slack
integrates with salesforce CRM
integrates with stripe

You can easily Integrate with popular CRM's like Salesforce through appexchange without the need for any developer support. What's more, Kayako's integrations also include SMS and Voice support with providers such as RingCentral and Twillio. These powerful integrations allow for you to build smart workflows for automation across multiple apps in just a few clicks.

Experience the power of Kayako with 550+ additional integration options

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Multi- Channel Support

With Kayako you can support customers across multiple channels straight out of the box through a unified inbox that your team can use to collaborate and communicate. Customers will be able to reach your support teams through live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter.

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Live Chat

Unlike Help Scout, Kayako eliminates the need to integrate with a 3rd party live chat application. Our live chat lets customers immediately connect with your team for real-time support, delivering a support experience that’s connected and personal.

live chat support
With Kayako Messenger, we've seen an immediate 17% increase in customer satisfaction


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Deliver real-time support
with live chat

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Service Desk SLAs

Customer referrals can really help your business grow. For customers to say great things about your business you need to first honor your service level agreement with them. With Kayako, a Help Scout competitor, you can make sure your team consistently does just that by taking your SLAs into our application. You can specify goals for each metric which in turn helps ensure service level agreements are honored and customers are happy.

service desk sla


As your business grows, so do your customer support needs. Deliver support that’s immediate by roping in resources from across departments. Kayako enables your agents to communicate with multiple collaborators behind the scenes to resolve customer issues in a manner that’s quick and efficient.

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Actionable Insights

To truly improve your team’s output you need to be able to visualize workload and performance. Kayako brings powerful reporting and at-a-glance dashboards that allow you to identify key support metrics. You can use these insights for tracking your team’s KPI’s and optimizing operations to deliver the best customer service and support.

helpdesk reports

Customer support made easy

Empower your team with the tools they need to provide the best customer support experience

  • live chat conversations

    Live Chat

    Support customers in real-time through conversations that are personal and connected

  • measure customer satisfaction

    CSAT Scores

    Measure customer satisfaction and learn where you can improve

  • helpdesk dashboard

    Actionable Insights

    Visualize your team's workload and performance with dashboards for key support metrics

  • collaborative workflows


    Get help from across your organization with FREE collaborators

  • free collaborators


    Easily setup workflows and automate activities to save time

  • multiple API integrations

    600+ Integrations

    Connect to your favorite CRM's and apps like Joomla, Salesforce, Twilio and Ringcentral

I love that with Kayako, I can have conversations with my customers instead of just treating them like faceless tickets. This is the easiest and most efficient customer support tool that we've ever seen - and highly customizable. They're lightyears beyond anyone else on the market.


Taylor Dally, IT Director
Storm Guard Restoration

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