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Help customers help themselves

an easy to set up help center customer support solution with a fully customizable help center
Help Center

Customers can answer their own questions, quickly and simply.

Help Center analytics

Track the phrases your customers are searching for and optimize your content.


Easily build and customize multiple Help Centers, each with unique content and branding.

Find out more about Help Center

Customer information at your fingertips

Customer journey

Visualize your customer’s journey and unify all your customer's interactions.


Bring customer activities from over 650+ apps for immediate context.

Learn more about customer journeys


view customer information and history
communicating product feedback in support teams

The Ultimate Guide to Communicating Product Feedback

A handy ebook for product driven support teams

Effortless live chat support is just a click away

Kayako Messenger

Support customers with a live chat experience that's as intuitive as messaging their friends.

Proactive engagement

Convert visitors into customers and offer support with proactive messages based on their behavior.

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Amazing customer service needs effortless collaboration

collaborate across departments to provide support

Deliver the best customer service and support with Kayako    Let us show you how

Grow your team without the growing pains


Work smarter and automate manual work by streamlining your workflow with smart business rules.

visual automations
Macros and canned responses

Save time and send predefined, personal replies to common questions in seconds.

help desk automation with macros and canned responses

Stay on target and track performance with goals for response and resolution times.

help desk with in-app slas
visual automations
help desk automation with macros and canned responses
help desk with in-app slas
advanced help desk reports

Understand your team's performance in new ways

Customer satisfaction ratings

Listen to your customers and measure satisfaction for every conversation.


Keep a check on your team with at-a-glance dashboards and instant access to metrics that matter.

Custom reporting

Dig deeper into your data to discover insights and trends to work smarter, not harder.

It’s the little things that matter

know when your customer has read your messages
Message status

See when your message has been read to know whether your customer needs a followup.

track open conversations customers may have
Active conversations

See when your customer has other conversations to prevent duplication.

see your customers last activity before initiating a conversation
Prior events

Get instant context for a better first reply. See what your customer’s last activities were before they started a conversation.

get real-time updates of your customer's interactions and activities
Real-time conversations

See what your customer’s last activities were for more personal conversations.

know which help center articles your customer has already seen and guide them accordingly
Help Center activites

Know what articles your customer has already seen to guide them to a better solution.

make suggestions to customers based on their queries
Intelligent search suggestions

Kayako suggests helpful searches depending on what you’re doing.

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