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Affordable pricing and great features

Kayako starts at $15/agent and offers a host of features that Groove does not have. As a focused customer support solution, Kayako brings you features that not only streamline your support operation but also wows your customers you. With a full customer journey mapped across channels at your team's fingertips, your agents will always know where a customer is coming from and what issue they've been facing. Understanding context and having insight into a customer's journey sets Kayako apart from all other helpdesks.

Kayako, the best Groove alternative, gives you out-of-the-box multi-channel support for your customers. This means you don't need to spend time integrating with 3rd party service providers for anything - not even live chat!

With Kayako you also get to integrate with popular CRM's such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM as well as popular payment solutions such as shopify and paypal. In addition, there are over 700 Zapier integrations that help your team deliver a seamless customer support experience across all the apps.

Kayako offers a bunch of helpdesk centric features that you won't find in Groove, such as time tracking, @mentions and in-app SLA's.

We've put together a Kayako vs Groove comparison matrix for a snapshot view of all the features Kayako brings to the table.

Native Live Chat Yes No
Facebook & Twitter Support Yes No
Collaboration Yes Yes
Collision Detection Yes Yes
Canned Replies Yes Yes
SF, SugarCRM & MS Dynamics native Integrations Yes No
750+ Zapier Integrations Yes Yes
API Yes Yes
Mobile SDK Yes No
Customer Journeys Yes No
Customer Satisfaction Rating Yes Yes
Knowledge Base Yes Yes
@mentions Yes No
Time Tracking Yes No
Attachments Yes No
In-App SLA's & Business Hours Yes No
Help Center Analytics Yes No

Multi-channel support

With Kayako you can support customers across multiple channels straight out of the box through a unified inbox that your team can use to collaborate and communicate. Customers will be able to reach your support teams through live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter.

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Live chat

Unlike Groove, Kayako eliminates the need to integrate with a 3rd party live chat application. Our live chat widget lets customers immediately connect with your team for real-time support. With our live chat messenger your team can deliver a support experience that's connected and personal.

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"With Kayako Messenger, we've seen an immediate 17% increase in customer satisfaction"


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Service Desk SLAs

Your business may have different SLA's for different customers, and keeping track of each one can be tricky. With Kayako, a Groove competitor, you can make sure your team consistently honors Service Level Agreements for clients by taking them into the Kayako application. Specify response and resolution times and ensure SLA's are honoured and customers are happy.

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Time Tracking

When you're supporting customers across multiple channels, keeping track of time can be tricky. Kayako's powerful time tracking feature simplifies this for you by logging time spent for each customer across various channels, making time spent providing support easy to track and bill.

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Workflows and integrations

Save time and deliver more proactive customer service through smart, multi-step workflows across multiple apps. With just a few clicks, customer service teams can create deep integrations between Kayako and the other tools and apps they use today.

These zaps help you get more context about your customer, so you can provide relevant, personal, and timely support.

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Your customer's journey will reflect each interaction allowing support teams to provide service that's personal and connected!

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Kayako also supports plug and play integrations with the best CRM's and payment solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, Stripe, Shopify, Paypal and many more.

Customer support made easy

Empower your team with the tools they need to provide the best customer support experience.

  • live chat

    Live Chat

    Support customers in real-time through conversations that are personal and connected

  • measure your success

    In-app SLAs

    Stay on top of your workload by tracking performance with SLA goals for response and resolution times

  • track your live chat time

    Time Tracking

    Track billable hours for support your team provides across live chat, email and social channels

  • collaborate your helpdesk


    Get help from across your organization with FREE collaborators

  • streamline workflows


    Easily setup workflows and automate activities to save time and streamline support activities

  • connect to your CRM


    Connect to your favorite CRM's and apps like Joomla, Salesforce, Twilio and Ringcentral

"Kayako's reports have also revealed a dramatic increase in user productivity and decrease in response time. I expected a learning curve with Kayako - but I was wrong. Our agents used to address 100 to 125 tickets per day. Now, they handle up to twice as many."



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