Effortless ecommerce customer service with our helpdesk software

Drive sales and grow customer loyalty with email, social, live chat, and help center support software.


Multichannel ecommerce customer service software

Multiple email inboxes

Manage all your email queues in one place and never drop the ball.

Facebook and Twitter support

Reply to customer queries over Facebook and Twitter, and turn fans into advocates.


Share out the work amongst different teams for customer service, warehouse, and refunds teams.

Turn visitors into customers with Kayako Messenger

Live chat

Offer support and guide customers through to checkout with a modern messenger on your eCommerce site

Proactive engagement

Recognize when a visitors needs help, proactively offer support, or make the most of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

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Visualize your customers behaviour and purchase history

Integrate with any ecommerce platform

Connect Kayako to your ecommerce platform via zapier or APIs to automatically sync customer data and purchase information.

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Custom fields

Record important customer information and keep it at hand.

Easily integrate with any eCommerce system

Collaborate and save time

Canned responses

Answer common queries with a single click.


Share information and next steps, and collaborate on questions with private notes instead of email back-and-forth.

Collision detection

See when another agent is viewing or replying to a conversation to reduce duplicate effort.

Help customers help themselves

Help Center

Provide answers to frequently asked questions and deflect new support requests.

Help Center analytics

Improve your support process by learning what customers are searching and viewing.

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Get insights into customer satisfaction

CSAT scores

Measure customer hapiness for support interactions and learn where you can improve.


Visualize your team's workload and performance with at-a-glance dashboards for key support metrics.

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