Banish the ‘back-and-forth’

Create context like never before with all communication housed in one central place, free of email chains and disjointed notes.

Break down silos

Bring every team in your organization closer to your customers. Uncover valuable insights that were previously buried in your business.

A helping hand

Whether you’re a support superstar or a rookie getting started, we’re all better off with a little help from our friends.

The best teams are greater than the sum of their parts

Great customer service happens when teams work together. So we introduced Collaborators - a type of user role to improve internal collaboration between teams, without additional cost.

Whether you want to involve colleagues from finance, marketing, or engineering for their input, Collaborators can leave internal notes, work on conversations, and draft help center articles, while your team handle the customer conversation.

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And the best part? Collaborators are completely free.


Free collaborators


Free Collaborators

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