This is why we do it

When Kayako started in 2001, customer service software was clunky, frustrating, or just not there. We turned boring, confusing software into a helpdesk that customers and staff loved to use.

Skip forward to today. Customer service is more important than ever before. It has the power to delight, or disappoint; to make - or break - a business.

And customer service teams are adapting. To be proactive, to be delightful. To create effortless, consistent, smooth experiences. To drive loyalty; to turn their customer service into a competitive advantage. But the software these teams use is holding them back.

Kayako is here to change that, and help businesses get better at customer service.

So, we’re building this

The unified customer service platform that the whole company can use to communicate with their customers.

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This is how we do it

These are the values we live and work by.

Focus and simplify

Distraction and complexity is the enemy. Fight for focus and simplicity every day.

Live to learn

The constant pursuit of improvement is why we get out of bed in the morning.

Fight the Resistance

It takes many forms: fear, doubt, procrastination and inertia. We don’t shy away from the battle against the Resistance.

Be customer obsessed

We’re nothing without our customers. Every Kayaker speaks up for the customer.

Play, bigger

Life’s too short to think small or be slow. We think big, act with urgency, and do brilliant things together.

Act with ownership

No problem is somebody else’s. We step up, take ownership, and take on the “Monkey”.

Do the right thing

We have the courage to solve the difficult problems, the duty to speak up, and the resolve to stand for what’s right.

And this is who we are

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