Integrate with your business

Save time, speed up and deliver more proactive customer service by connecting Kayako to your apps and tools to make the most of every interaction.

When you need it

Connect hundreds of services and put them at your team’s fingertips, so they spend less time looking up information and switching between apps.

Your customer in hi-res

Capture all your customer’s activities - even stuff outside Kayako - for the context your team needs to deliver fantastic service.

Platform power

Orchestrate and automate the other apps and systems you already use to support and serve your customers, right from Kayako.

Bring everything together

Unify your business and extend the power of Kayako across all the apps your team already uses.

Integrate without code

Kayako integrates with Zapier, opening up integration with hundreds of popular apps and platforms.

Activate super powers

Build smart, multi-step workflows across multiple apps in just a few clicks to automate things in and outside of Kayako.

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Build a complete customer timeline

Get the full context

Bring all your customer’s interactions and activities together in one place and, give your team the ability to deliver personal, contextual support.

Dead simple integration

Kayako makes it easy to capture all your customer’s activities and events (even outside of Kayako) using simple webhooks or Zapier.

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A platform to grow with

Build integrations with other tools and your own backend systems using Kayako’s open APIs that your developers will fall in love with. Have an idea, question or looking for an integration? Join the community of Kayako experts, developers, and integration partners to get answers and inspiration.

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Integrate with Kayako


Connect Kayako to hundreds of other apps to automate workflows across your business


Easily push custom events and data into Kayako using webhooks


Build on top of Kayako with our powerful, well-documented API

Kayako Apps

Add extra functionality to Kayako and put control of other apps at your team’s fingertips - like our Salesforce integration.

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