Live chat software that's effortless for everyone

Convert more and support faster with Kayako Messenger.

Have effortless conversations

Put friction-free live chat just a click away across your website and mobile apps.

Build personal relationships

Understand who your customer is and what they’ve done for a personal, tailored live chat experience.

Support at the right moment

Recognize when your customer needs a helping hand, reach out, and get the right people to help out.

Support doesn’t need to stop when live chat ends

Conversation continued

Both you and your customer can continue conversations in real-time, or pick up where you left off later on. Any time, on any channel.

All in one place

Kayako brings context to live chat. Instantly see your customer’s information, events, and history in one place to give the best support you can.

Show, as well as tell

Pictures tell a better story. Communicate quickly and clearly with images and screenshots.

Wherever, whenever

Kayako Messenger works beautifully across every device. So your customer can get help (and your team can respond) from wherever they are.

Instinctively easy

Your customers message their friends every day: now they can message your team with the same ease.

Be proactive for truly helpful live chat experiences

Get a few steps ahead

Understand your customer’s context in seconds by knowing what pages your customer has looked at, how they found you, and where they’re stuck.

Say hello to delight

Recognize when a customer needs help. Proactively start conversations with engaging messages based on your customer’s history and behavior.

Make the right connection

Direct proactive live chats to the most appropriate team or agents, so they can give the best help. That means your customer interested in bulk orders to will be speaking with your wholesale team in no time.

Shoot for "Wow, that was easy"

When your visitor is about to hit the “buy” button, the last thing you want them to do is to click away from your web page.

Unlike traditional live chat, Kayako Messenger connects live chats with the rest of your customer’s history. Customers can start new chats, or pick up their existing conversations, without clicking away from your website. Wow, that was easy.

With a little help from our friends

Everyone needs a helping hand - even those in your team. Kayako makes it easy to quickly loop others into the conversation for added context.

Copy, paste, and time left for coffee

It takes just a small line of code to add a custom-branded Kayako Messenger to your website. Your visitors can then start conversations, anytime, anywhere.

Less exciting, but still essential

Kayako has everything you need to turn the live chat mountain into a molehill.

Unified conversations

Email, live chat, and social conversations in one place.


Work together with agents in your team for better context

Custom fields

Collect the right information for better context

Mobile apps

Use Kayako mobile apps to reply to customers from coffee shops


Save typing time with canned responses


Review performance by agents, teams, or your overall business

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