Live chat software for customer service and help desk support

Kayako's live chat software is the best way to provide live customer service support. Easily add our live chat to your help center, website, iOS and Android mobile apps to effortlessly support customers, engage visitors, and convert prospects into leads in real-time.

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Live chat that's fast, effortless, and personal

Our live chat software is exactly what you need to give your customers the personalized help desk service and experience they deserve. It's quick and easy to customize and integrate our live chat software into your website, iOS, and Android apps.

What your customers see
chat bubble
What your team sees

get personal

Get personal

Understand who your customer is and what they've done and seen so far - and proactively offer support to visitors who need it

support and sell

Support and sell

Put help just a click away. Sell more and give better support to customers when they need it

human touch

A human touch

Your customer needs a quick answer. Provide tailored, real-time service and get your customer back on track

Designed for CUSTOMERS

Live chat software shouldn't be painful. Give your customers a simple way to get help from your team using a modern chat messenger, round-the-clock.

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message your team with the same ease you message friends

A modern messaging experience

Your customers message their friends every day using chat messengers: now they can chat with your team with the same ease.

Follow your customer

Your customers are mobile, so your live chat should be too. Use Kayako's live chat software on your mobile friendly website, or integrate our SDKs into your own iOS and Android apps.


Embed our live chat software on your website to support both desktop and mobile device users in real time.

Help Desk Center

Offer live chat on your Help Desk Center for real-time support.

iOS and Android

Embed our live chat software into your own mobile apps for an integrated experience.

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No one will miss a message again with our live chat software

Customers can start conversations at any time, even when your team is not online.

start conversations even when teams are offline chat bubble

If your customer steps away and doesn't see your message, Kayako automatically sends messages to their email where they can continue the conversation.

continue conversations via email when customers step away
conversation history is maintained so customers don't need to repeat themselves chat bubble

Chat conversations continue

When your customer goes back to your website, they'll be able to pick up the conversation in the live chat widget there too.

No need to start the conversation all over again, and no need for your customer to repeat themselves.

Easily customize our live chat software to fit your website or app design

Need your chat messenger to fit the look and feel of your website or apps?
Our live chat software lets you choose your color scheme and welcome message.

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We are here to help!
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Simon, Sienna and Tobias are online

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visual outline Show customers their recent shopify orders serve your customer the right content at the right time get up to date system updates straight to the homescreen

Introducing the home screen

With Kayako's live chat software you can get the right content in front of your customers at the right time, and free up your team.

Your live chat messenger home screen gives your customers faster answers wherever they are, before they need to start a conversation.

Soon, you can use apps to show your customers their recent Shopify orders, your service information and more, right on the home screen.

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With Kayako Messenger, we've seen an immediate 17% increase in customer satisfaction.
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Eege Klop

Service Manager

Proactive live chat software with personality

Automatically engage prospects and help customers. Targeted messages with live chat have never been so personal.


IF CITY IS San Francisco

THEN send a message FROM Tobias

help customers with support queries live chat agent

IF ON Product page FOR 10 Seconds

THEN send a message FROM Sienna

help customers with support queries chat agent sienna

IF number of visits IS OVER 100

THEN send a message FROM Sales team

help customers with support queries live chat team
help customers with support queries
agent tobias agent sienna chat team

Built for your Customers

Kayako makes it easy for startups and large enterprises to deliver personalized customer service and support using our live chat software.

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Truly get to know your customer

Live customer profiles and real-time customer activity reduces back-and-forth and lets your team personalize live chat conversations

customer activity and profiles provides context for personal support
view all customer interactions such as orders, shipping history, and help desk searches

See your customer's activity at a glance

Kayako gives your team superpowers by surfacing every interaction your customer has with your business.

Log page views, orders, shipping history, and help desk searches, or capture events from your own product, app, or service and see it all in real-time.

Less back-and-forth, faster answers, and happier customers.

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work as a team when responding to customer conversations
Work as a team on customer conversations

Juggle multiple conversations at once. See who is online, who is typing and who's replied - all in real-time

assign conversations automatically and transfer between team members
Own a conversation and take the glory

Automatically assign conversations, transfer between teams and see who else is working on a conversation

automate support with canned responses and macros
Personalize your productivity

Use canned responses and macros to automate without losing that personal touch

work with experts from across your organization to help solve customer issues
Collaborate effortlessly

Bring in experts from across your business to share context and knowledge with private notes

Measure performance, not busywork

Team analytics

Monitor your teams performance through reports and customer feedback.

Customer satisfaction ratings

Customers can rate your live chat conversations so you know what you're doing right, and who needs more help.

Always be improving

Kayako provides all the information you need to understand what you can do better to provide a better customer service experience through live chat.


of customers prefer live chat over any other channel


aren’t confident they’ll get the support they need in a reasonable amount of time

Live chat, but better

Live chat shouldn't be like a typical call center experience. With Kayako's live chat software there's no waiting to be connected to an 'operator', receiving robotic responses, or having to start all over again if you step away.


Your customers deserve better

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