Helpdesk comparison - What should you look for?

It can be tricky to know exactly what to look for when you’re evaluating helpdesks and customer service software. So many features, price plans, and comparison tables… where do you start?

We’ve talked with thousands of businesses - and no two customer service teams have the same needs. Your team’s needs and priorities are unique, but the helpdesk comparison information you’ll find on other sites remains the same, whether you’re a 500-person organization or a 5-person startup.

We don’t think that’s helpful, so we’re taking a different approach. We’ll tell you why customers chose Kayako’s customer service platform over traditional helpdesks. And we’ll show why Kayako is not just a software product, but a partner you can trust to help you get better at customer service.

But the best way to find out if Kayako is right for you? Take a free trial and talk to our team. We’re here to help.

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Make Kayako your...

Zendesk alternative

Looking for a customer support service that's a little more...zen?

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Time to explore a helpdesk that's... fresher

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Email alternative

It's time to regain control over your support email inbox.

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Traditional helpdesks just aren’t helpful anymore

Traditional helpdesks force you to think in terms of tickets, not customers. They force you to silo information, data, and conversations. Helpdesks put barriers between your customer and your team.

Kayako is different. Kayako is a customer service platform that unifies your channels, customer information, and your teams, so you can deliver effortless customer experiences - and get better at customer service. Kayako is the only platform that lets you treat your customers as individuals and not support tickets.

Build closer relationships

Kayako helps you understand your customer better - so you can provide the right support at the right time, in their context.

Work better together

Kayako removes the distance between your team and your customers - so you can provide better support, quicker.

Go beyond delight

Your customer wants more than just delight. Surprise them with effortless customer service that makes a difference.

Get better at customer service with Kayako

We don’t just build software. Everything we do embodies the single goal of helping your business get better at customer service. That includes our product, support, customer success, documentation, best practices content, webinars, events - and more.

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