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Customer support software shouldn't be expensive and frustrating

Here are a few reasons why HappyFox users switch to Kayako

More Features

With Kayako you get all the features HappyFox has at half the price. What's more, you also get a number of unique features that help your support team respond to customers quicker and with the right answer.

We bring powerful workflow automations, FREE collaborators, a comprehensive customer journey and collision prevention to your arsenal of support tools.

Email Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
Facebook & Twitter Yes Yes
Knowledge base Yes Yes
Assignment rules Yes Yes
Insights Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Yes
Collision Prevention Yes No
600+ Integrations Yes < 50
Customer Journey Yes No
SLA and business hours Yes No


Kayako, a HappyFox competitor, makes customer support affordable and friendly. Starting at $15/user/month we're easy on startups and growing businesses and don't have a minimum agent count. HappyFox requires you purchase a minimum of 3 agents no matter which plan you choose.

We look to grow with you rather than have you pay for more agents than you need.

Kayako $15/month $45/month $75/month
HappyFox $29/month $87/month $145/month
Annual savings over HappyFox $168 $504 $840

Price comparison of entry level plans for Kayako (inbox plan $15/user/month) and HappyFox (mighty plan at $29/user/month)

Workflow Automation

Kayako helps enhance your team's productivity by setting up workflows and automating activities across multiple applications used by your business.

This optimization helps standardize your support processes, saves your business time, and ultimately helps your team deliver a support experience your customers will love.

Give your customers the best support experience with Kayako

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FREE Collaborators

Kayako, the best alternative to HappyFox, gives you the ability to support customers across a number of issues through one unified support window. You can collaborate with teams from across your organization with our free collaborator licenses and dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Collaboration gives support teams the ability to include resources from other departments to deliver immediate and accurate support.

*Collaborator are Available in Growth, Scale and Enterprise plans

Collision Prevention

With Kayako you can increase your team's productivity by giving them insight into conversations agents are having with customers. Collision prevention lets agents see when someone else on the team is viewing or replying to a conversation, helping to reduce duplicate efforts.

Customer Journey

Unlike HappyFox we give a lot of importance to what you've already said and done. Knowing each interaction your customer has with your business can completely change the way you support them. By bringing every interaction together in one place, your team can understand customers better and provide an experience that's connected and personal.

Over 600 integrations

With over 600+ integrations you're not only able to integrate with your favorite CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and Joomla, but also pull customer interactions from apps like Shopify, Stripe, Slack, Paypal and many more. This brings all your customer interactions together in one place and empowers your team with the ability to deliver well-informed and contextual support.

Why customers choose Kayako

We give you an intuitive and easy to use customer support platform at a friendly price with out-of-the-box features that enable your team to start providing great customer support in no time at all.

  • Unified Inbox

    Support customers across live chat, email, social media without having to switch accounts

  • CSAT Scores

    Measure customer satisfaction and learn where you can improve

  • Customer Journeys

    Manage customer conversations and internal notes in a single view

  • Collaborate

    Rope in resources from across your company for immediate and accurate customer support with FREE collaborators*

  • Workflows

    Optimize your support operations with powerful workflows

  • Integrations

    Easily connect with apps like Salesforce, Paypal, Slack Twilio and Ringcentral

"I love that you can grow with Kayako. As a small business with plans to scale, the powerful customization available in Kayako would make it a challenge for any business to grow out of over time."

Mathias Jensen, CEO
Codaf Web

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