Still using email? It’s time for a game changer.

It's easy to use standard email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook for handling the basic needs of customer support.

But as your business scales, so does your growing list of folders, filters, and color-coded labels. Critical information becomes buried, and soon your entire customer service process is compromised.

You owe it to your customers, and your team, to modernize your customer service experience. Doing so will not only save you tons of time, but help you develop a seamless, proactive, customer-centric approach to support.

Below, you’ll learn the five most important reasons why businesses choose Kayako as an alternative to any email client. And if you have questions, we're here to help - just get in touch, or start your free trial and check it out for yourself.


Jamie Co-founder, Kayako

Reason No.

Never drop the ball and offer a better experience

Your team can keep on top of customer conversations with easy, understand their unique context in seconds, and reply via any channel for a smooth, personal, and effortless customer experience.

Reason No.

No more email back-and-forth with internal conversations in Kayako

| You'll never need to send a confusing group email again. Your team can leave internal notes and easily collaborate within conversations : no context is lost, and everything is kept in one place.

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Reason No.

Effortless communication across any and every channel

Your customers might switch between email, Twitter and Facebook - which makes it hard to keep up. Luckily, Kayako unifies all of your channels, and puts all customer communication in one place. Saving you time, and reducing customer effort.

Reason No.

Get the information you need to give the best answer

Sometimes, the customer information you need is held in your ecommerce system, or CRM, or billing system. Kayako connects to hundreds of the apps your team already use, putting that information at your team's fingertips. Less time looking up information means more time crafting a perfect customer reply.

Sarah Chambers
Director of Support
Reason No.

We're here for you: no question too big or small

Everyone at Kayako is dedicated to helping you get better at customer service. We're with you every step of the way.

Stay personal as you grow

Manage hundreds or thousands of conversations while treating every customer as an individual, not a number.

Support customers as a team

Collaborate in a shared multi-channel inbox to provide faster responses and better answers, together.

Truly understand your customer

Bring all your customer information and activity into one place to understand your customer better than anyone else can.

Make customer service your competitive advantage

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