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Kayako is a alternative for your customer service and helpdesk support needs

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131,000 customer agents use Kayako

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Almost 20 years of history with our customers

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Committed to your success

Our experts can import customer tickets, interactions, history and configurations over from and get you set up before you can say Salesforce Service Cloud.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Kayako as an alternative to

Here are a few that we feel you'll agree with.

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Friendly pricing

You could continue to pay extra till 2020 for features that come standard with Kayako, or you could make the switch today and save over 80% on monthly payments

Both and Service Cloud follow a model that makes them expensive for growing teams. We provide you with a solution that gives your teams the features they need to deliver the best customer support.

Kayako is an affordable alternative with with low cost monthly plans.

Kayako $30 per month $90 per month $150 per month $300 per month $125 per month $375 per month $625 per month $1,250 per month
Service Cloud $150 per month $450 per month $750 per month $1,500 per month
Monthly savings over $95 per month $285 per month $475 per month $950 per month
Monthly savings over Service Cloud $120 per month $360 per month $600 per month $1,200 per month

Note​: Taken from Service Cloud Lightning Enterprise $150/user/month &’s Business Plus $125/user/month

With Kayako, a competitor, you get free collaborators with Growth and Scale plans. Collaborators allow for teams across your organization to work on customer issues and immediately provide responses. This empowers your team with the right tools, enabling them to provide stellar customer service without having to communicate outside of the application via email, phone or third party chat applications.

All your favorite features

Kayako supports the same features you’ve been using and are familiar with at a price that's friendly and affordable.

  • workflow automation

    Workflow Automation

  • Salesforce CRM Integration

    Salesforce Integration

  • SMS integration

    SMS and Voice Integration

  • live chat

    Live Chat

  • api integrations

    700+ 3rd party integrations

  • create custom fields

    Custom Fields

  • helpdesk support center

    Support Center

  • API and development tools

    API & Development Tools

  • facebook and twitter support

    Facebook & Twitter Support

  • customer satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

Easy Implementation

Get a head start on moving all your customer interactions, tickets and data over to Kayako. Our team will help migrate your data for you, making sure you’re up and running in no time at all. The process is fully automated and has you setup without any disruption or downtime.

Kayako is one of the best alternatives that can help your agents provide support within minutes.

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Why wait till 2020? Provide your customers with the best support experience today

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Easy to Use

You don’t have the luxury of training your teams to understand how to get the most out of your helpdesk software. Both and Service Cloud aren't easy to use and require training and constant support. Why wait till 2020 to make a With user experience driving Kayako’s interface design, our platform is beautifully simple, extremely easy to use, and requires no training at all. Start using kayako today and experience the difference.

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We've been extremely satisfied with kayako. So satisfied that we've never thought about what alternatives might be available.


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Personal Customer Support

Don't wait till 2020 to deliver customer support that’s personal. Kayako, the best alternative, has re-imagined customer support by providing customers with the ability to reach out through any channel they’re most comfortable with, such as live chat, email, facebook or twitter.

Conversations are captured and presented to your agents with a history of every interaction your customer has had with your business. This empowers your support team with the insight and context they need in a single view to provide an experience that’s connected and personal.

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CRM support

With Kayako you are free to use your favorite CRM even if its Salesforce. You can integrate your Salesforce setup without writing a line of code and be on your way within minutes of signing up.

Kayako also supports Joomla, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho as well as a number of other CRM solutions, giving you the freedom you need to choose a solution that's best for you and your customers.

integration with salesforce crm
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Intelligent Knowledge Base

With's limited search capabilities your customers have been struggling to find answers for a while now. Change that today by making self-help helpful. Kayako's smart search helps your customers find what they're looking for and instantly makes suggestions as they type.

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Over 131,000 customer agents provide support using Kayako

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