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All in all, Kayako is hands-down the most feature-rich, user-friendly and flexible platform I’ve come across for customer support.

Before we moved into Kayako, we were managing support incidents/requests with a shared Outlook inbox. There was little to no accountability. We could see that an email was read, but had no idea if it had been replied to, and if so, who and when? This created a terrible experience for the customer. Once we implemented Kayako, the customers immediately praised the increased communication, and as a team we immediately noticed an increase in quality of communication and collaboration, especially between our Support and Development teams. We also loved the integrated FAQ/self-service feature. We loaded commonly-requested downloads into a custom payload installer which allowed the customer to download the software to their system and install it on-demand without Administrative intervention. We were able to keep track of the number of downloads and link to the downloads directly from within the context of a support incident. This helped immensely cut down on the “could you please install X software” incidents.

One other feature that we loved in implementing it was that we could have emails pulled into the system, so to the end user, they could still submit work orders to the normal email address that had been using for years and immediately receive an acknowledgement of their work order, with a clear explanation of how long they should expect to receive a response. The ability for the customer to log in at any time and add new information, as well as check up on the status has improved the level of customer satisfaction immensely.

We also especially loved the LoginShare feature. We wrote a custom LoginShare module that ties in with our Web-based SSO system used on our campus. This improved the level of experience for the customer, as they don’t have to learn and remember a separate password just to get service. They are presented with the familiar eRaider prompt and then logged into our system. The ability to customize phrases, words, CSS and HTML all without modifying any actual code in the system is invaluable when it comes time to upgrade.

All in all, Kayako is hands-down the least expensive, most feature-rich, user-friendly and flexible platform I’ve come across for customer service and support – both for the customer and for the technicians.

Kevin Ten Eyck Texas Tech University

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