One of India's leading anti-virus vendors

Established in 1993, Quick Heal Technologies is a leading provider of internet security tools and anti-virus software, headquartered in India. Having established its product family as an industry benchmark for computer security, serving millions of users worldwide, Quick Heal Technologies today has more than 350 on its staff throughout eighteen offices world-wide. We had a chat with Sushant Dashputre, Assistant Manager of Technical Support, about Quick Heal’s experience with Kayako.

So, what sold Quick Heal on Kayako?

Email integration. From the very start, it was email integration that allowed us to understand exactly how many inquiries we were handling. Using Kayako’s mail integration we’ve been able to consolidate the various email accounts used for internal and external support into one interface where each request can be centrally managed and worked by staff; eliminating duplication of efforts that occurred when using mail clients alone. Having a very clear picture of what needs to be done is the first step in making efficiency gains. With Kayako, we’ve made it easy for our customers to talk to us, which has always been the most important aspect of our business.

What kind of requirements were specific to your group, and how did you use Kayako to meet them?

As much as we liked the idea of building an online community, we felt it was most important for us to have one-to-one communication with our customers. That way, they can feel comfortable contacting us about anything ranging from general product information to specific questions about their orders. It felt intuitive right from the start, and it delivered the low startup cost and ease of integration we were looking for. We have inquiries coming from a number of different sources and Kayako allows us to route those to the correct person, saving us a lot of time. We also get a lot of support questions that don’t come in via email and it is pretty convenient for us to create new tickets for these. There was a very short learning curve for our support staff and so far Kayako has been able to meet all our needs. The bulk actions, pre-defined responses, and ease of assigning tickets to other staff members have been a huge help to us. Our productivity and efficiency has improved immensely since switching to your software. I am impressed with the macros in Kayako. This is a powerful feature which requires great care – I guess with great power comes great responsibility, which Kayako indefinitely handles well! By applying a macro, or predefined answer, agents are able to respond to these questions with one-click. This saves the agent a significant amount of time and ensures that the customer is given an accurate and correct response. We absolutely love the search ability of the macro box, and the iPod-esque navigation system. I have created a large number of macros, but with Kayako I can easily find the one I want to use and apply it to the ticket with just one-click.

How has Kayako impacted on your customer service?

Our customers are spread all around the world, around 5 million in total. The majority of our customers are based in Asia. Kayako has helped us better track and manage our incoming support questions, which used to be handled very inefficiently via email alone. It has better connected our support team and prevents things from falling through the cracks. Without Kayako, we would not be able to manage all of the incoming ticket requests in an organized manner, nor provide the quality of support we stand for. Kayako is far more efficient than our previous help desk system, with features that let our agents manage tickets by email even when they are away from the office. Each time an agent or customer sends an email it is logged as a ticket, so we always maintain a centralized record of the entire support interaction. This flexibility makes it possible to extend our support services to the weekend and off-hours. As long as agents have email access, they can keep tickets moving. Now that Kayako has proven itself to us at Quick Heal, plans are well underway to expand our helpdesk usage. Kayako has enabled our team to streamline our support process, to more effectively communicate, and ultimately to resolve issues in a more timely and professional manner. Beyond just rolling out in the Support, HR and Sales departments, plans are well underway to integrate Kayako with other backend systems, too. Find out more about the Kayako support ticket system and live chat software

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