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About MercadoLead

Based in São Paulo, MercadoLead is a fast growing lead generation platform that connects people looking for insurance, such as auto and health, with insurance brokers.


Business Challenge

The team at MercadoLead was faced with three problems for which they needed a single and immediate solution.

1. While using Intercom, the team found the inability to upload knowledge base articles in Portuguese to be a big problem. The knowledge base was not helpful as it was hard to understand and difficult to use for anyone who did not speak English.

2. The team was looking for a solution with better pricing to suit MercadoLead as a small business

3. The support MercadoLead was receiving did not solve the issues they were faced with and many times they would end up referring help center articles that didn’t really help at all.

Why Kayako? Why Kayako?

“With Kayako we are able to see what our customers are searching for and the integration with Facebook is flawless” says Mirele, Customer Success manager at MercadoLead. She tells us how the company moved off of Intercom as it was unable to deliver on their customer support needs, and made supporting a non-English speaking audience very difficult.

"We were running our marketing, email campaigns and knowledge base through Intercom. They offered the software only in English and the price was not as good as Kayako"

To be able to support customers and prospects across multiple channels was something MercadoLead needed, and Kayako delivered. The ability to easily integrate with social platforms and their website, as well as provide a knowledge base with articles in Portuguese sealed the deal.

"A few reasons why we decided to buy Kayako were its ease of integration, language options, price point, better customer insights and the knowledge base."

MercadoLead required a solution that didn’t force them to change the way they ran their business but rather complemented it. With customers looking for support around the clock, the self-help knowledge base gave MercadoLead exactly what it needed, an intelligent customer support portal that’s open 24/7 – even when they’re not. With Kayako, Mirele is now able to see what customers are searching for and the content they’re served. This allows for her to improve the knowledge base by optimizing content and its accessibility for better customer support.

During MercadoLead’s two week Kayako trial, Mirele received support when she needed it and had all her questions and concerns addressed. She felt the support she received was refreshingly proactive, and was happy to find the features and functionality she had been wanting in a help desk in Kayako.

Kayako’s team were available to address my concern and answered all my questions.Their knowledge base is designed with easy to find articles along with insights and analytics.

Mirele tells us that Kayako has given MercadoLead the ability to support customers and prospects in a way that's personal and connected.

MercadoLead customers are now able to very quickly find what they’re looking for through self-help knowledge base articles.

Our customers are happier now with our customer service. They were frustrated before. By submitting tickets, our customers know that their issues will be resolved.

About Kayako

Kayako is an easy to use, fully integrated customer service platform that helps you support customers in a way that's connected and personal. Combining our best in class chat platform with robust helpdesk and shared inbox functionality - Kayako helps companies manage customer conversations across all channels, improving customer satisfaction and creating a strong foundation to build upon for their customer success goals

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