KashFlow Accounting Software

Since setting up Kayako, our support volume has grown by a factor of 10, and Kayako grew gracefully with us.

A few years ago, all of our support staff used a single email address set up as a distribution list to handle support requests. This quickly became unmanageable and we’d lose track of who was handling what issues.

We decided we needed a system to help us manage the process, so we looked at what was available. We chose Kayako because it offered all of the functionality we needed and was very affordably priced in comparison to other products.

Our customer base and volume of support emails has gone up by a factor of 10 since we first started using Kayako. The great thing is that the software has grown with us; it’s a very good bit of kit and equally as suited to small business with one support rep and a hundred customers as it is to a business with 10 support reps and tens of thousands of customers.

I highly recommend it to anyone needing a solution to manage customer support online.

Duane Jackson, Managing Director
Kashflow Accounting Software

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