Envato is changing the way people learn digital skills and make a living.

Envato started in 2006 with a simple idea: to help people to earn and to learn online. Envato are the people behind several online destinations where hundreds of thousands of people trade digital goods and content every day, as well as a network of educational blogs used by millions to learn creative and technical skills. You’ve probably heard of many of Envato’s destinations: AppStorm, Tuts+, Creattica and ThemeForest to name just a few. To say that Envato has thorough experience in managing a vast customer support operation is quite an understatement! Jordan McNamara, Community Manager and previously Support Manager at Envato has very kindly agreed to share their Kayako experience and tell us about the kind of value Kayako has delivered to their business.

The helpdesk has to grow with us

Prior to adopting Kayako, Envato had their share of troubles managing customer support using traditional tools. "Customer support enquiries were initially being sent directly to the CEO’s email inbox, as a company which has grown to include sites within the Alexa top 1000, this did not remain scalable for long," says Jordan.

Realizing the need for an efficient yet easy-to-use support system that would cater to the rapidly growing community of users and authors, Envato tried building their own helpdesk first but soon realized their efforts would be saved by adopting a mature and proven help desk software that would cover all aspects of their business as well as the needs of their community. For this reason, Envato chose Kayako as their customer support platform, starting off with the Kayako’s eSupport product. "Customer support is one of our main interactions with a core demographic of our sites, our buyers and customers. It is so important for us to ensure we’re doing our best to stay abreast of the issues facing our community and that we do our best to provide them with the best  experience possible. We treat it as one of our major points of difference with our competitors," adds Jordan.

Helpdesk with the ability to quickly adapt to changing workflows

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Envato’s primary consideration while choosing a helpdesk was flexibility. Although Kayako offers both web-based solutions and self-hosted solutions, Envato realized additional value in owning a self-hosted license for a Kayako help desk. Jordan explains, "We needed a helpdesk which allowed for extensive flexibility and provided value in how many agents could use the system. Kayako suits our needs as it allows for unlimited agents on an owned (self hosted software) license." The flexibility Kayako offers is imperative for any business with multiple customer bases.

Flexibility is a great benefit for us as our business covers so many different areas. We needed a large amount of staff to have access to our system. We support financial transactions, digital content purchases, digital subscriptions as well as provision of general customer support and tech support. Kayako provided an affordable, scalable and convenient way for us to make this happen.

With one centralized system to manage all customer support, they had found the most flexible solution to bridge their audience; customers, buyers and other community members.

A collaborative inbox for team transparency and productivity

With a centralized inbox, all team members can view and reply to any support ticket and nothing gets locked away or lost. This directly enhances increased transparency and accountability in the team. At the time Kayako was introduced at Envato, Jordan was then Support Manager. "Splitting the workload between staff via a shared inbox and through ticket assignment functionality, as well as ticket parsing options meant we had a lot of freedom in how to delegate work."

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Kayako’s powerful parsing rules provided just the right automation options that Envato needed to increase their overall productivity and efficiency. "Ticket pre and post parsing rules have allowed us to use the helpdesk to intelligently route specific ticket types based on specific information to the correct recipient within the company and hide irrelevant tickets from staff to whom that information is irrelevant among other uses." Envato’s support excellence is framed by a 24 hour response time promise, and they use Kayako’s SLA enforcement features to ensure that this promise is kept. "Previously, support staff would forward emails irrelevant to our core support department or to other areas of the business manually, wasting their time and delaying a reply."

Now we have it set up so that based on the specific subject line, we set for many of these submissions, they will be [automatically] routed to the correct person, the first time. Saving our costs and increasing customer satisfaction by allowing us to deliver more timely results.

With the community size heading towards 1 million, every minute saved gives the team more time to focus on delivering highest quality support. Kayako enabled Envato deliver "fantastic, down to earth, genuine customer service, and a personable customer service experience, every time."

Helpdesk software to fit the business, not the other way around

"Kayako has allowed us to extensively customize our helpdesk, this really meant that we can just make our helpdesk work in the way WE want, rather than coming up with an elaborate system to fit into the technical requirements of other helpdesks. It has allowed us to use the system in ways other support providers have not been able to match,"

Jordan concludes.

Envato is very satisfied with their helpdesk and we are very pleased to be their support partners on the exciting growth journey, which shows no signs of slowing down. Find @envato on Twitter or find out more about their communities and destinations on their website, envato.com.

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