DineroMail is Latin America's leading Internet payments solution.

DineroMail is Latin America’s leading Internet payments solution. DineroMail specializes in aggregating various local payment gateways and processors into one common interface and API, making things easier for thousands of merchants. We had a conversation with Juan José Noguera, DineroMail’s Customer Manager about how they use Kayako to support many customers of several brands over all the support channels.

Usability, Flexibility and Comprehensive Reporting

"One of our key requirements was a helpdesk that gave the customer more control. We wanted a system that made the support process more transparent and allowed customers to self-service," says Juan. "In the past only our support agents had access to tickets, so our customers were in the dark and did not know how close their queries were to be being resolved." "We came across a lot of helpdesks on the market with very similar features and functionality, but when we balanced performance against cost, Kayako stood out from the crowd," says Juan. "The features which appealed to us most were its reporting capabilities and the flexibility and usability of the interface itself. The ability to give each of our agents a customized view of the helpdesk really appealed to us. We also needed a helpdesk which was easy to use as we knew we’d be rolling it out to different parts of the business over time and it wouldn’t just be used by the support team."

Kayako Practice What They Preach

Since then, Kayako has been rolled out to other parts of the business, including the company’s training center, marketing department and network performance team. The aim is to give customers one point of contact where queries are answered by subject experts, or people closest to the information requested. Looking to the future, the DineroMail people plan to have Kayako live across some other countries as well. Their aim is to be able to support its network of franchisees and staff wherever they are in the region.

Kayako really do practice what they preach and they continually show us why they are industry leaders with their knowledge and skilled customer service. Since we implemented the product, there has been nothing but praise from all levels of the business.

"A clear, easy to follow, history is provided for each request, allowing any team member, at any time to become current on the standing of an issue thus preventing ‘duplicate responses’, as my team and me experienced while using Outlook."

A Breath of Fresh Air

He added: "The system operates like a Web 2.0 application with enterprise capability, which for anyone in IT or Customer Support is a real breath of fresh air." As a result of having Kayako in place, DineroMail’s customer support agents who support multiple brands and products from one helpdesk, can now easily update and resolve support requests which are received via various channels – including iPad apps, mobile sites, email addresses and APIs.

Thanks to Kayako, the team has simplified support workflows and a big thanks to the comprehensive reporting functionality within Kayako, the team now has a true picture of how efficient and effective both they and the system are, enabling them to spot areas that need improvement.

"With Kayako, we can easily tweak the helpdesk without calling a consultant and also it keeps on adding new features so we can deploy it to new departments simply by flipping a switch!" As DineroMail continues to grow, we will rely on Kayako’s flexibility and will strive to keep happy customers!" Juan concludes.

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