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Simplifying multi-channel customer service and support with live chat and a shared inbox
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About Coinstop

Founded in November 2016 by 6 best friends, the Coinstop team is Australia's leading Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider and authorised resellers of both Ledger and Trezor - two of the leading hardware wallet manufacturers in the world.


Business Challenge

Coinstop was providing customer support using a single shared Google mailbox. As support was spread between several people, logins were not unique and credentials were required to be shared amongst most of the Coinstop team. Once support email volume increased, it became extremely difficult to track customer issues through email. As Co-founder of Coinstop, Christopher Pavlesic knew that spending time responding to hundreds of emails per day was no way to run a business and that help desk and live chat software to optimize their support department was needed.

“It was hard to track customer conversations through email. We now have 6 accounts and don’t need to use each other’s passwords anymore.”

Why Kayako? Why Kayako?

Christopher told us they were looking for a platform that was not just easy to use but also easy to implement. Their decision to go with Kayako was driven mostly by the need for a solution that offered ease of use and simplicity. The team reviewed several solution providers but found Kayako to offer the best experience for both support agents and system integrators.

“We looked for ease of use and simplicity as we don’t want to spend a lot of time when it comes to providing customer service.”

Christopher points out that as an online business, Coinstop regularly interacts with customers to educate them on the product and answer any questions they may have. Keeping this in mind, it was extremely important for the Coinstop team to have the ability to respond to customers in real-time and to consolidate all customer communication across multiple channels in one place.

“There are a lot of questions people have, especially the first time customers. We are spending a lot of time with customers, not just selling but also educating”

With Kayako, Christopher points out, Coinstop is able to address customer queries in real-time through live chat, and respond to Email, Facebook and Twitter messages all from one shared inbox.

“Email gets out of control with around 200 transactions per day. You need one place to browse every single convo you have had with each customer. Kayako is very well organized. You can tie everything into it; emails, social, team members.”

In addition, support agents that require subject matter support are able to collaborate with resources from other departments to deliver immediate support.

“…Collaboration is also huge when a team member does not know too much about a particular subject…Organization of customer conversations makes it a lot less painful to find things when you try to collaborate. It’s very simplified in Kayako”

Christopher tells us that with a shared inbox and the ability to assign conversations, things are now extremely clear amongst the team with everyone knowing exactly what they need to work on.

“There was no responsibility of ownership in one email account.”

He goes on to point out that Kayako has helped Coinstop save money as well as reduce their average response times - “We definitely reduced our response time and time is money”.

About Kayako

Kayako is an easy to use, fully integrated customer service platform that helps you support customers in a way that's connected and personal. Combining our best in class chat platform with robust helpdesk and shared inbox functionality - Kayako helps companies manage customer conversations across all channels, improving customer satisfaction and creating a strong foundation to build upon for their customer success goals

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