Wohoo! You have made this far, great job. Here is your challenge:

Write a simple Twitter API client in PHP. This client simply has to fetch and display Tweets that a) Have been re-Tweeted at least once and b) Contain the hashtag #custserv

Why we are asking you to do this: We believe that code is poetry. This short, simple test will help you demonstrate not just your programming talent, but your approach to designing an application. We don’t just want to see the coder in you - we want to see the engineer.

  1. Plan well. The goal here is not to finish the task as quickly as possible, but to demonstrate your careful thinking and planning. Write for the future. Write your code as if someone else will be working with it the next day. That person should be able to hit the ground running immediately.
  2. OOP. You don’t have to over-engineer this, but we do expect your small app to be object oriented.
  3. Craft your code. At Kayako, we write beautiful code. A big part of code beauty is readability and reusability, which is made up of simple stuff like spacing, layout and consistency.
  4. Keep dependencies to a minimum. Importing a twitter SDK/API-client would be sensible for this task, but using a full-featured web framework would probably be overkill.
  5. Publicly accessible. Present the solution as a publicly accessible URL

Good luck!