Watch Morten Lundsby’s Webinar: How to Extract Practical Data from Your Support Conversations


Morten Lundsby’s Webinar

Ex-Googler and founder of UserChamp Morten Lundsby joined us for a webinar in which he took a look at ways to get more value out of your customer conversations. You can watch the webinar on demand now.

Data mining techniques for marketing sales and customer support

Morten is an expert in user experience and user insights, and during the course of his webinar he showed how valuable information can be gathered from customer conversations that can help teams other than just support.
how to analyze call center data
Product teams can benefit hugely from customer feedback. Product managers work to make their products better for the people who are using them, but it’s often difficult for product managers to get tangible, useful feedback from users because they simply don’t have time to ask them.

How to analyze call center data

User feedback is also helpful for other organisational functions too, including sales and marketing where knowing how the customer views and uses the product can help to better tailor communications to customers and prospects.

Watch the webinar and let Morten Lundsby show you how to extract practical data from your support conversations. Watch now!

The support team is a business’s direct line to the customer. In some organisations there can be hundreds of support conversations that happen every day, all of which provide an opportunity to find out what customers think and how they use the product.

Data vendors for call centers

It is possible to delve deeper into these conversations to find out key information that can help to shape strategy in different parts of the organisation. This kind of user insight data is what Morten demonstrated in his webinar.

Watch the Webinar: Weathering the Storm of Crisis Communications

He showed how to approach customer conversations like a user researcher; how to see the value support interactions can have for parts of the company outside of support; and how to extract and share that valuable information to other departments.
If you want to learn how to gain deeper customer insights and how to deliver them to the rest of the company, watch the webinar now!

Call Center Data

About Morten Lundsby

Morten Lundsby is the former Online Help Manager at Google and now founder of UserChamp, the user insights tool. He also runs a weekly support/product newsletter, The Helpfuls. You can follow him on Twitter @mortenlundsby.

Webinar: How to extract practical data from your support conversations

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