Moving from to Kayako: Plan, Migrate and Work for Success


Switching help desks is a lot like changing smartphones. It takes some time to import your contacts, download all the necessary apps, get used to the new interface but at the end of the day you know its good for you!

With being shut down in 2020, we have prepared a short guide on how you can transfer your data from Desk to Kayako using an automated data migration tool.

Here are the steps you need to take to successfully plan, migrate and get started with Kayako.

Planning the Migration

Choose a weekend or a time with low traffic and set a date for migration

You should schedule the move for the dates when support activity in your company is at its lowest. Depending on your industry it could be the weekend, start of Q1 or even around public holidays. A good way of determining a day for this is to check your reports to see when the support requests are at their lowest.

Review the database and configure Kayako

To perform the migration, you need a Kayako account that’s up and running, with custom fields created in it. From there, decide which data you want to transition. You can either manually refine your database in or reach out to our team to filter the data.

Tip: with Help Desk Migration you can filter your data or incrementally migrate your records. For instance, you could migrate open tickets first, then closed tickets or migrate only the tickets for the past year before migrating everything else. At the end of the day you can migrate based on priorities set by you and your team. It all depends on what data is most important to your organization.

Move a small part of records to test the process

Integrity is top priority for data migration. So it makes sense that you should be able to test the waters before diving in. With HDM you can run a Free Demo migration and see if your transfer needs some fine-tuning.

Migrating to Kayako

The migration begins with signing up with Kayako and connecting your and Kayako accounts with your migration tool, in this case HDM. From there you will need to choose the records you want to migrate, map the ticket fields and perform the Demo Migration.

After checking and approving the results of the test import you can start the Full Data Migration.

To check the progress of your migration, sign into your HDM account. Or just wait for an email informing that the migration is complete.

Final Steps after the Migration

Once the transfer is finished, check the imported records in Kayako. If everything looks good, finish off by setting up Kayako as your new help desk by redirecting all support channels to Kayako.

Want to give it a try? Set up a Free Demo Migration. When you’re ready to migrate, don’t forget to claim your discount. Contact your account manager at Kayako for details or email us at

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Anastasiya Savelyeva

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