Kayako Is Better Than Ever.

Brand new Kayako interface

Over the past few months, we have been crafting an updated control panel and support center design that is leaner, clearer and makes working in Kayako a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Our priorities were as simple as the interface we set out to create:

  • Content-first design that gets out of your way
  • Leaner visuals, faster and optimized for speed
  • Easier to use for your customers and your team

And here’s what we have come up with. Kayako 4.60 is here – the biggest update yet, and a Kayako that is better than ever.

For your customers

New Kayako 4.60 support center

Out with beige, in with accessible style. The support center takes advantage of broader web standards for better style and typography, while still remaining functional with older Internet Explorer browsers.

A beautiful and robust default style set for news and knowledgebase articles has been included – your self-service content has never looked better. See a demo on my.kayako.com.

New Kayako 4.60 support center

Rethought the visual hierarchy. From the size of text to bringing order to color for consistency, we have rethought the visual hierarchy. Now, controls appear in context and only when needed. Your customers will find using your helpdesk for self service easier than ever.

Page content has been on a diet. As well as providing beautiful new icons, we took the opportunity to optimize all of the graphics and layouts in Kayako, meaning your helpdesk pages will load much faster. And so they should: pages weigh in 70% less than before.

These are just the building blocks. The new support center is just the start – you will want to make your helpdesk your own, using Kayako’s powerful template editor. That’s why we have kept things simple and modular. We’ve made this easier, by tidying up and improving the structure of the main CSS stylesheet and also including a new customcss template for your own CSS modifications, making future upgrades simpler.

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For your team

New Kayako 4.60 staff control panel

Goal number one was to put the content first. Everything is stripped back, leaving more space for content. No clutter, no distractions – from the navigation (which now takes up 50% less space than before) to text headings.

All unnecessary visual sugar has been cut out, and visuals and accessibility has been improved for the useful icons that remain, which now have tooltips.

New Kayako 4.60 staff control panel

Kayako is plain-speaking. Phrasing and terminology throughout Kayako has been carefully refined. We’ve listened about what confuses people, what needs more explanation and got rid of technical jargon. Language is now simpler and clearer.

Also in Kayako 4.60

  • A new customcss support center template for your own CSS modifications (easier updates in the future) and a template editing best practices guide
  • A template editing best practices guide
  • A beautiful and robust default style for news and knowledgebase article content
  • Improved file attachments display on tickets
  • A new and updated WYSIWYG editor for news and knowledgebase content
  • Improved ticket property (status, priority) controls in the support center
  • All-round improved Internet Explorer support
  • Improved text wrapping (when viewing tickets, knowledgebase articles, etc)

See for yourself

You may have already noticed that my.kayako.com has looked different lately. That’s because we have been beta testing Kayako 4.60 – give it a spin!

Freshen up your helpdesk – get the update

Kayako OnDemand customers will be updated on Sunday, September 15th. We will be emailing ahead with more details and what to expect from the update.

Kayako Download customers with an active product updates and support subscription can find their updated product packages in my.kayako.com, under My Orders. Before upgrading, please read the 4.60 upgrade guide for Download customers.

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A full change log for Kayako 4.60 is available, detailing all the changes and fixes.

Up next

We aren’t stopping there – Kayako 4.60 sets the scene for some other great new features coming up very soon. Stay tuned.

Happy helpdesking!

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About the author
Jamie Edwards

Jamie is the co-founder and COO at Kayako, the effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty. You can find him helping our customers deliver customer service so good it becomes their competitive advantage.

  • Francisco Melo

    Good Work!

  • butch endangan

    Good job guys!!

  • Good Work, im update right now!!

  • jackmcdade


  • Mauricio Lattke


  • Awesome Jamie, I love the new design ideas you keep bringing on board, it was so bland for so long, you’ve reinvigorated the Kayako platform.. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind comments Sean, but everything certainly wouldn’t be possible with our growing and maturing product team!

  • David Baker

    Looks nice. But I am still confused as to the need for and functionality of the 3 search areas on the page – 2 boxes and 1 menu option.

    • One of those search fields (at the top of content lists, like the ticket listing) is to filter the current view using keywords. The persistent search field is unified search that searches across all of your helpdesk content, and the search menu option is a bit superfluous – we’ll be reworking this down the line 🙂

  • In a matter of weeks

  • ogbranny


  • James McCann

    Liking the new look! Looking forward to being upgraded, shame we have have to wait another week! 😉

    • James McCann

      We’re now at the new build, we’ll see how our first day goes with it!

      • James McCann

        so far not entirely so good. KQL is a bit messed up 🙁

        • Oops, what is the problem? Please submit a support ticket and we’ll look into it ASAP.

  • German Bogdanov

    Go-go Kayako team, awesome work!

  • Vincent CASSIM

    Congratulations, keep up the good work! 🙂

  • u097mford

    The web page updates have been progressive. I’m only disappointed not as much effort seems to go toward the desktop client. Will look forward to the 15th.

  • David

    The cosmetic changes to appearance and all are nice but the ability to upload graphics into a KB article from a local drive would make life for Staff users much easier.

  • Narciso

    Is Nice, do you integrate in this version the Big Monitor Ticket List??

  • boris

    Really nice. Actually there are still two things missing and this is why we still search for other helpdesk software:
    * invoicing / payment
    * gamification

    Any plans on supporting some of these features soon?

  • kimsonvu

    When do your company improve the user management? It is very difficult to manage user right now.

  • Updating it now… I love the design and looking forward for more awesome surprises.

  • Ces

    the changelog link goes to the upgrade procedure. shouldnt it be linking directly to the changelog url?

  • Chris Knott

    What about the update? Every time we update it is a disaster. Lastly, is search fixed or better, it is pretty awful in our release which is from last year.

  • tomakali

    A glimpse on Kayako 5.0 beta screenshots would be a nice treat for us

  • Shane Wentzel

    Is it almost Sept 15th yet?

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