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help desk as a platform

When looking for the best helpdesk several factors should be considered. For instance, you’d want a helpdesk that can cater to your small business and scale as you grow. And you’d want features you need now and those you’d need later, at a price that’s affordable and small business friendly. The perfect Helpdesk as a Platform offers more than just basic helpdesk functionality. It should allow you to build upon it through native and 3rd party integrations.

Kayako provides you with a full featured helpdesk software that allows your customers and prospects to get in touch with you through email ticketing, live chat and social. For anyone interested in self-service or for the times your team is unavailable, Kayako’s self-service features such as its knowledge base and helpdesk portal make it easy for customers and prospects to find what they’re looking for at a pace that suits them.

  • 89% of millennials use a search engine to find answers before making a call to get customer service
  • 67% of them have increased their expectations in the past year regarding customer support
  • 78% of millennial customers have moved their business somewhere else after one single poor customer service experience

– Salesforce

However, what makes Kayako unique is its ability to capture customer journeys and conversations across your business. This is made possible by building upon Kayako through native and third party integrations. For instance, integrating Kayako with your website, Salesforce, Paypal, Stripe, Mailchimp, Shopify and other solutions your business uses, allows Kayako to gain intelligence and be able to identify interactions across all these and hundreds of other applications.

kayako integrations

Kayako’s journeys and conversations allow us to see the first marketing touch in the form of an email or a webpage visit or a popup add that was shown to the customer all the way to the ticket opened with support and the last communication that took place.

customer journeys and conversations

What makes this level of customer logging possible is the ability for Kayako to integrate with close to 1000 apps.

There are literally hundreds of helpdesk software to choose from and many of these platforms require expensive add-ons to support your business needs as you grow. Live chat for instance is charged as an additional feature by many helpdesk providers and in many cases so is the knowledge base. Kayako offers all this and more straight out of the box. There are no hidden costs or recurring fees that our customers are subjected to. We keep things simple by providing customers with the best Helpdesk as a Platform experience possible. Everything you could ever need while supporting your customers has been provided.

Another feature that’s changing how customers are supported is to have collaborators from different teams and departments jump into the conversation as and when needed. This feature empowers customer support reps as they get access to experienced resources from different departments from across your business. Both collaborators and support reps have access to the complete customer journey and have full context at a glance – no need to reference 3rd party applications. The customer on the other end has an extremely personalized experience as the support they receive is focused on solving their problem in a manner that is not generic, scripted or robotic. Roping in resources from different teams automatically forces them to work harder and perform better as it is in each team’s interest to want the least number of issues with work they’re directly responsible for.

customer timeline

Providing support that’s intelligent and well informed requires features such as journeys and conversations – that log a customers entire journey across numerous touchpoints and softwares. This includes interactions with shopping carts, payment portals, support teams and email. Something that could only be made possible through Kayako’s Helpdesk as a Platform.

Setting us apart as a true Helpdesk as a Platform is Kayako’s live chat that can be added to your website as well as your Android and iOS apps. Kayako’s live chat can also be added to your help center giving you the ability to contact and support customers while knowing the exact nature of their problem. Kayako’s live chat also allows you to automatically send out messages to website visitors through proactive messaging rules  that let your business communicate with website visitors based on their behavior on your site.

effortless live chat

The criteria for engagement rules all have to do with the behavior or identity of a visitor to your website or app. You can choose several different rules to set the criteria for auto-messaging. Each message that’s received is then forwarded to a department and team member of choice.

proactive live chat

If you like what you go ahead and take Kayako for a test drive to experience these awesome features for yourself!

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