7 Great Examples of Help Centers We Love


It’s good to see support centers finally getting the love they deserve.

Why? Because companies are finally giving what customers really want: fast, accessible self-service. The new, independent support experience is here to stay.

A recent study by Aspect found two really remarkable trends:

  • Three out of four customers prefer to help themselves before reaching out for live support.
  • 65 percent of consumers view a company favorably if they can solve an issue without calling customer service.

Customers have made it clear that the best possible experience would be a quick, effortless support experience online – and they’re leaving behind businesses that don’t get it. (They’re pretty quick to hate on terrible, horrible, no good very bad support journeys.)

The best support centers are intuitive, guided and simple. But they don’t all have to look the same to be effective.

Different support paths make sense for audiences and fields they target. For example, companies that deal in personal finance make their phone numbers highly visible. SaaS businesses generally focus on tutorials and technical troubleshooting, but offer live agent help as a secondary step.

With that in mind, here are seven support centers (in no particular order) that we couldn’t help but love.

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About the author
Nandini Jammi

Nandini is Kayako almuni. Once passionate about customer service, she now helps brands craft content that tells their personal story.

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