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Meet the team behind Kayako

Andy Tryba


Andy joined Kayako in 2018. A serial entrepreneur, Andy runs several companies, and is focused on driving customer success.

Jamie Edwards


Jamie joined Kayako as it was evolving from a project to a movement. Jamie focuses on creating the best product experience for our customers and growing the company.

Susan Robson

Finance Director

Susan is responsible for finance worldwide and ensuring we're running smoothly and keeping all runways clear for takeoff.

Kashif Razzaqui

Director of Engineering

Kashif leads the teams responsible for building our product vision, and ensuring Kayako is fast and reliable for our customers.

The stars of the show

Robin Malhotra

Mobile Engineer

Ashutosh Nistandra

Chartered Accountant

Anadi Tiwari

Product Manager

Stephanie Gonzaga

Customer Support Advocate

Dhiren Nangla

Technical Advocate

Chris Game

Senior Engineer

Richard Livsey

Senior Engineer

Nitin Sharma

IT Admin

James Doman-Pipe

Product Marketing Manager

Ashok Makhija

Customer Success Manager

Anastasiia Vukina

Customer Support Advocate

Kushal Sharma

Sr. Technical Advocate

Vikas Dhiman

Ops Engineer

Raksha Prasad


Gary McGrath

Support Manager

Yogesh Girikumar

Ops Engineer

Geetanjali Kapoor

Accounts Officer

Neil Mathew

Mobile Engineer

Sagar Pareek

Sr. Salesforce Engineer

Madhur Tandon

Principal Engineer

Tina Phillips

People Operations Lead

Dhruv Agarwal

Product Engineer

Adam Jones

Customer Support Advocate

Jitender Kumar

Specialist Engineer - Ops

Ankit Chandawala

Sr. Product Engineer

Michael Caminiti

Customer Support Advocate

Abhishek Mittal

Sr. Product Engineer

Lakshmi Punarvasu

Operations Manager

Abhimanyu Rana


Agustin Aldaya

Sales Development Representative

Ankit Saini

Product Engineer

Rinky Thakur

Accounts Executive

Adam Rogers

Content Marketing Manager

Mohammad Gufran

Product Engineer

Vinay Sharma

Team Lead

Harminder Virk

Sr. Product Engineer

Sherub Thakur

Product Engineer

Vikas Gangwar

Office Admin

Amaninder Singh

Customer Advocate

Meisha Jardine

Accounts Assistant

Kelly O’Brien

Self-Service Content Manager

Alicia Carney

Product Marketing Manager

Aaron Chambers

Senior Engineer

Gurpreet Singh

Sr. Technical Advocate