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Communicate anywhere and on any medium, without losing track

Tickets can be created and updated by email, contact through your website and using the helpdesk. Going beyond tickets, you can communicate with your customers using live chat and telephone calls - all of which is recorded in the helpdesk.

Mail rules route tickets automatically, just like your email client

Automate the handling of email coming into Kayako just like you would in your email client to sort incoming messages into folders. Change a ticket's department depending on mail content or the sender's name, set a certain priority or assign the ticket to a specific person, and much more.

Ticket macros: canned responses on steroids

Answer commonly asked questions or add content to ticket replies that needs to be reused often. With Kayako, go even further than this by adding ticket property changes to each macro. With one click, add some content to the ticket reply, add ticket tags, change a ticket's priority, status and owner.

Stay on top of tickets

Staff are just a click away from seeing their assigned and unresolved tickets, like a personal inbox. Put the relevant and important information in front of your team by using custom ticket views, personal inboxes and saved searches (filters).

Define custom ticket workflows

Define explicit support processes and make sure that tickets meet certain criteria before being allowed to go through certain transitions, such as being closed. Any number of workflows can be created, specific to certain departments and available to certain people.

Work more effectively as a team

Unlike regular email, having all tickets available to all of your team (or particular people, depending on permissions) means that collaborating on tickets becomes natural, not a difficult task. Collision locks prevent multiple staff users from modifying a ticket at the same time, and ticket notes enable private in-ticket communication between your team.

Distribute and delegate

There is a time and place for ticket and task ownership; for some issues, one head is better than many. Kayako provides tools to quickly take, dispatch and release tickets to particular people.

A helpdesk with brains

The Bayesian ticket filter can be trained to categorize incoming tickets. You can create custom Bayesian categories and train the filter to categorize, label, route and assign certain types of ticket. The more tickets you categorize, the smarter it becomes.

Track and enforce response and resolution times

Define service level agreements to track and enforce various response and resolution times to individual tickets, departments, users and organizations. Kayako calculates overdue times according to your work and holiday schedules.

Tailors to how you work, not the other way around

We've developed a solution that can be configured with little effort to work like your organization does, and help you improve. Tickets can have any number of custom types (issue, bug, lead, etc), statuses (open, closed, pending, etc), priorities (critical, medium, low, etc), departments (sales, support, IT, etc) and more.

Collect and organize information specific to your operation

Kayako's custom field engine reaches every part of your helpdesk, providing many different types of data fields for different items; such as a text field, file attachment field, select box, drop-down list, multiple select system, date field and secure password field. Use them in tickets, user and organization profiles, live chat forms, knowledgebase articles and much more.

Route tickets to the right people as fast as possible

Tools to categorize and organize tickets means there is never any discrepancy about their state and what they are waiting for. Departments (folders, if you like), ticket status, priority, flags and tags to name a few help you do just that. Instant notifications delivered by email, SMS and the notification API bring tickets to the attention of staff users quickly.

Ticket tags and departments
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