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Reduce workload and improve the customer support experience

Kayako is renowned for building straightforward and intuitive self-service tools that encourage your customers to help themselves. Provide your customers with quicker answers while lowering your team's workload and costs by building a knowledgebase and publishing step-by-step troubleshooting wizards.

Search-as-you-type instant answers

We are all guilty of skipping searching the knowledgebase or reading a manual before raising a support query. Instant Response System, a Kayako innovation, provides another net to automate support delivery by providing instant knowledgebase suggestions as your customer drafts their inquiry.

Build step-by-step troubleshooters for self-diagnosis

Troubleshooter wizards guide your customers through a series of questions and instructions which enable self-diagnosis and resolution, solving their problem on the spot. If a wizard fails to solve a customer's problem, they have the option to create a ticket pre-filled with the answers they gave at each step, so no time is wasted.

Customer's view of a step in a troubleshooter. Private troubleshooters can also be built for staff users

Capture, refine and reuse knowledge

New knowledge is always being created as customer issues are resolved. Kayako encourages your team to record knowledge as they handle a ticket, as well as reuse the knowledge later on by providing one-click access to knowledgebase articles and canned responses for ticket replies and in live chats, alleviating repetitive work.

Get customers helping other customers by building a community

Customers can contribute content to knowledgebase articles, news articles and troubleshooter wizards by adding their own comments and rating which items they found helpful and which ones they did not.

Keep customers in the loop

Your helpdesk's front page is a summary of what is new. Publish news and import feeds from other websites (such as your company blog) to aggregate company and service announcements in one place. News can be broadcasted to email lists and syndicated in RSS feeds.

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