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If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

Build your own custom helpdesk reports or utilize the more than 100 out-of-the-box reports to mine the hive of data and information in your helpdesk to measure and analyze the metrics that are important to your organization.

Solicit customer feedback and keep your finger on the pulse

When a ticket has been marked as resolved or at the end of a live chat, you can present your users with a satisfaction survey. The fields, questions and star ratings are all configurable, and can be assigned to a specific department.

Create custom Ratings to measure specific performance criteria

A rating has a label or question, and then a series of stars. You can configure the scale and the maximum number of stars that can be awarded for the specific metric, for example, 'Speed of reply'. Ratings can be attached to individual ticket responses, live chats and satisfaction surveys and knowledgebase articles.

Tools to perform internal quality checks and peer reviews

Use Kayako's ratings feature to perform internal quality checks, peer reviews of ticket handling and essentially anything which can be measured using a scale. Combine this with Kayako's powerful reporting engine and your helpdesk can help you identify gaps and areas for improvements.

An example of a series of custom Ratings, including internal ones used for peer reviewing
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