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Live Chat

Kayako Desktop: a real-time support powerhouse

Kayako Desktop is your staff users' all-in-one tool for real-time support, including live chat, visitor monitoring with map view, support for multiple helpdesks, tabbed chats, an integrated VoIP softphone and much more.

Turn visitors into customers

Reach out and connect with potential customers and lend a hand using proactive live chat, or be at the ready whenever they have a question using click-to-call and visitor-initiated live chat.

Switch between mediums without losing track

Chat sessions, tickets and phone calls are all linked together so that past history of each customer is easily accessible no matter what method you're using to communicate with them. With Kayako, you can chat with a customer while simultaneously talking to them on your VoIP phone and controlling their PC using OnSite remote administration.

Support history

Harness visitor data to prioritize and target prospects

Get a strong grasp of who is on your site in real-time using a vast array of information about visitors such as their geographic location, referring search engine with query, the page(s) they're currently viewing, which route they took to get there and more.

Visitor intelligence

Connect customers to the right staff automatically

Quick and efficient responses from live chat agents make happy customers. Staff users can be assigned specific skills; (e.g. 'Linux', 'Sales', 'German', etc). Using visitor rules, Kayako attempts to route a chat request to the appropriate staff skill pool depending, for example, on their location or the search engine terms they used to find your website.

Go beyond text

With innovative features like instant screenshot sharing, click-to-call and one-click remote desktop control with Kayako OnSite, interaction with your customer goes beyond the traditional email and live chat paradigm. Be more productive with your resources by selecting the right medium to get the job done.

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