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Make it your own

Quickly customize the customer facing helpdesk - including logos, fonts, colors, chat buttons and more. Any customizations you make are versioned, so you can roll back changes if you wish.

Extend and integrate with a rich API

Kayako's open and fully documented REST API lets you integrate your helpdesk with your favorite apps, proprietary and in-house systems.

Kayako API

Developer-friendly framework built on open source software

Kayako is built on PHP, an open source platform which powers some of the world's most popular websites, like Facebook and Yahoo!. Designed with extendibility in mind and with rich documentation, developers find building on top of Kayako easy We also publish all of our app protocols.


Accessible documentation

Should you need it, rich and straightforward documentation for both administrators and staff users is available on the Kayako Wiki, as well as in a printable version. The Kayako community is active in contributing comments and guides to the Wiki, too.

Connect with a friendly Kayako community

Join us in our 20,000-strong forums, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook - the Kayako community is a great way to connect and collaborate with like-minded helpdesk operators, managers and developers.

Kayako community

One product, many faces

Using template groups, it is possible to provide multiple schemed, branded and localized help desks for your customers. These help desks appear to the customer as whole and independent, when in reality they are managed by the same backend.

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