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A beautiful, straightforward helpdesk designed for customers

Kayako is the leader in building helpdesks that are as focused on the customer just as much as the business. Ease of access to support is as important as the support provision itself. This comes naturally with Kayako - we never forget your customers.

Get to know your customers and manage relationships

Every user who registers with your helpdesk creates a rich and centralized customer profile, containing useful contact information, support for multiple email addresses, telephone numbers an avatar and much more. Custom fields let you extend and tailor the breadth of information stored about each customer.

One glance away from a customer's entire support history

The user management area of Kayako provides your staff with one-click access to a customer's individual and full support history, detailing all the interactions made with your helpdesk - whether over email, tickets, live chats or even logged phone calls.

Tabbed view of a customer's support history

Infuse CRM into your customer support

Each organization has a profile and, like user accounts, support custom fields. You can build centralized record of information for each organization, including contact details, listing of important contacts, documents, organization notes and an aggregate support history of all correspondence raised by users of that organization.

Tie tickets to organizations for comprehensive support histories

Email domain filters can be specified for each organization, which will then automatically associate any new user accounts that register using the email domain with that particular organization.

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