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Last month's availability


On average, 3 minutes of unavailability last month

Last 3 Months



Last 6 Months



Monthly availability history

March 1499.99%
February 1499.99%
January 1499.99%
December 1399.99%
November 1399.99%
October 1399.97%
September 1399.99%
August 1399.99%
July 1399.98%
June 1399.97%

Global availability

Our systems are checked from more than 15 locations all over the world, every single minute to ensure robust, global availability.

Scheduled maintenance

These figures do not include scheduled maintenance, which we keep to a minimum. Customers are warned in advance about any planned maintenance.

Problem with your helpdesk?

If you are encountering a problem with your helpdesk, please contact us and our dedicated team will get right on it.

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What counts as unavailable?

Even if our monitoring system detects an availability issue for just a few seconds, a full minute of downtime will register in these figures (we're pretty hard on ourselves). If an availability issue affects just a number of customers, we build that into the availability figure as an average.