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The leading live chat and real-time customer support solution. Go beyond traditional support paradigms to deliver a better, more personal experience that your customers will remember.

Turn your visitors into customers.

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"Kayako makes our job easier and helps us to deliver better customer support" - Petr Chocholous, Avast! Our Customers

More than live chat software.

Kayako Engage brings live chat, real-time visitor tracking, click-to-call using your existing VoIP provider and a full self-service helpdesk.

All kinds of organizations use Kayako to handle sales service and customer support. It packs powerful and intelligent tools that scale, but kept simple and intuitive for your operators and customers.

Business-grade live chat without the complexity.

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  • Secure, reliable, total peace-of-mind
  • Backed by a decade of experience
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Download: $1,500 one-time
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Website visitor monitoring

Get to know your visitors with real-time tracking.

See where your visitors are from, who referred them to you and even the search keywords they used to find your website.

Live chat software

Turn visitors into customers by inviting them to chat.

Turn visitors into customers by proactively inviting them to a conversation, or configure Kayako to send the invitations for you.

Click-to-call VoIP integration

Answer click-to-call requests right in the helpdesk.

Accept call requests via your website. Kayako will automatically connect your operator to the visitor using your own VoIP service.

Automatically loads the customer's support history and profile Automatically loads the customer's support history and profile
Share screen captures and media instantly over live chats Share screen captures instantly with your customers
Adding live chat to your websites is as easy as cut-paste Adding live chat to your websites is as easy as copy-paste
Kayako Onsite remote desktop support

One-click remote desktop support over live chat.

Diagnose more effectively and fix problems quickly by inviting your customers to a remote support session over live chat. No installation or configuration necessary.

Advanced automated routing

Intelligent chat routing based on visitor data.

Kayako is a helpdesk with brains. Configure visitor rules to group and route chats to the right teams automatically. Tag operators with Skills to create transfer pools.

Fantastic developer tools

An unrivaled helpdesk platform and community.

Rich APIs, a developer network, access to source code and fantastic developer docs and tutorials will help you quickly extend and integrate your helpdesk.

"Before a conversation had even begun, our operators could use Kayako to identify high priority and high potential leads."

- Natalie Jevric IT Manager, Swedish Match More from our customers
Some of our customers

Get visitor insights in real-time to deliver a proactive service and convert leads.

See where your visitors come from (even down to the metrocode), the language they speak, the company network they're connecting from and more. Understand what your visitors are looking for with their page history, referring website and even the Google search terms they used to find your website.

Monitor visitors across your websites in real-time. Proactively invite them to a live chat, or create rules to do this automatically.
Add visuals and multimedia to live chats to illustrate and guide your customers more effectively.

This is no ordinary live chat software.

Go further with Kayako's tools for efficient and effective service over live chat, including instant screengrab sharing and file sharing. Include multiple chat participants in conference or supervision modes. Use canned responses and combine them with hotkeys to shorten response times and deal with common queries quickly.

A full self-service helpdesk with knowledgebase and step-by-step troubleshooters.

As well as adding live chat across your websites, you can also offer customers a single support destination. Kayako customers see support requests drop measurably as they build a knowledgebase for support articles and FAQs.

Kayako Engage provides you with a full self-service helpdesk where your customers can access a knowledgebase, step-by-step troubleshooters, view recent news and manage their own profile.
Offer a click-to-call button on your website. Customers enter their number, and the request gets routed to your operators. When one accepts, Kayako will automatically call the customer's number and show you their entire support history.

Offer click-to-call and an incredible customer experience using your own VoIP service.

Go beyond text and connect a VoIP service to your helpdesk to offer a click-to-call button on your website. Operators can receive and place calls from the helpdesk. When an operator accepts a customer call request, Kayako will load the customer's support history automatically.

Automatically identify, prioritize and engage prospects using visitor rules.

When a visitor lands on your website, you can configure rules to trigger events or sort visitors based on their information. For example, you can group visitors referred by a search engine to highlight leads, or automatically invite first-time visitors to a chat, and much more.

Create visitor rules to set properties or trigger actions when someone lands on your site. Add visitors to groups, send a proactive chat invitation or target that visitor to a specific pool of operators when they do request a chat.
Create a variety of fields types to collect and validate specific information. Custom fields can be added to live chat forms, user profiles, organization profiles and more.

Full customization of the live chat form, chat buttons and look and feel.

Easily replace the images used for logos and chat buttons using the control panel. Style your chat and invitation windows using a simple template system and CSS. Collect and store specific information for live chats and user profiles using custom fields.

Use operator Skills to connect visitors to the right people soonest, even before a chat starts.

Along with the ability to organize your operators into teams and chat departments, you can tag individual operators with Skills. Use Skills as transfer pools, or create visitor rules to pre-route chat requests to a particular Skill based on visitor information, such as the visitor's current page.

Tag operators with Skills to create useful transfer pools.
Customize your chat survey by creating additional Ratings, enabling you to solicit feedback about specific metrics. You can also use Ratings privately on chat histories for internal auditing.

Use surveys, Ratings and powerful reporting to measure and improve.

Receive feedback from your best critics with surveys. Use customizable Ratings to monitor individual metrics relevant to your organization and chat department, and Kayako's powerful drag-and-drop report builder to get an overview of team performance.