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Deliver better customer support more efficiently with Kayako Case. Solve email headaches, collaborate on support tickets and track everything with a business-grade helpdesk solution.

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"From the first day we started talking with Kayako, we realized that they share the same passion for Customer Wow as we do" - Richard Nolting, Peugeot Netherlands Our Customers

The helpdesk with brains.

Kayako Case is the leading web-based ticketed support desk solution. Organizations of all sizes use Kayako to track and deliver excellent customer support over the web, email and self-service.

Packing intelligent automation tools like email filters and business rules, a Kayako helpdesk will take care of the sorting, routing and even prioritizing of tickets while your team can spend more time on the customer.

Fully customizable and agile, ready to scale.

On Demand: $29 staff/month
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  • Secure, reliable, total peace-of-mind
  • Backed by a decade of experience
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Download: $1,500 one-time
  • One time payment for your license
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Ticket support helpdesk software

Collaborate on email support without losing track.

Kayako is your collaborative inbox. No more lost emails or forgotten CCs. Receive tickets through your helpdesk, email and website.

Automatic filters and email rules

Automatic filters and email rules do the sorting for you.

Provide quicker resolutions by automatically routing and prioritizing tickets using departments, email and escalation rules.

Service desk software

Serious service desk tools that scale with your business.

Kayako doesn't skimp on features. Enforce SLAs, construct workflows and monitor performance with custom-made reports.

Ticket macros are like canned responses on steroids
Fantastic looking helpdesk, full control over the look and feel Full control over the look and feel of your helpdesk using a simple template system and CSS.
A clear and customizable overview of incoming support requests
Knowledgebase software

Easy to use self service tools and as-you type suggestions.

Build a knowledgebase and Kayako will automatically suggest answers and relevant articles to your customers and agents as they type out their query or reply.

Reporting and customer satisfaction surveys

Receive feedback and ratings from your best critics.

Use customer satisfaction surveys and knowledgebase ratings to measure performance and generate reports to identify areas for improvement.

Fantastic developer tools

An unrivaled helpdesk platform and community.

Rich APIs, a developer network, access to source code, tutorials and an active community will help you quickly extend and integrate your helpdesk with other apps and services.

"The relative small cost of this software pales in comparison to the rise in efficiency of our helpdesk team."

- Jeremy Jee, RSPCA, Australia More from our customers
Some of our customers

Just like an inbox, but better. Get a complete, customizable overview of your support requests.

Your Kayako helpdesk is a collaborative inbox. Tickets can be created and updated by email, using the helpdesk, your website or via the API. Ticket views are customizable and changeable on-the-fly, showing you only the information relevant at that time.

Clear and intuitive, your Kayako helpdesk makes collaboration on support requests easier. Welcome to the collaborative inbox!
Create email rules, just like your own email client, the route incoming requests automatically.

Let the helpdesk do the office work while your team focuses on customer support.

Powerful automation tools can help you filter, sort, assign and prioritize incoming support requests. Route tickets using email rules, and even train your helpdesk to automatically categorize incoming queries (such as 'Sales query' or 'Parts request').

Use ratings, feedback surveys and powerful reporting to measure and improve.

Receive feedback from your best critics using satisfaction surveys. Use customizable Ratings to monitor individual metrics relevant to your organization, and get an overview of helpdesk performance using Kayako's powerful drag-and-drop report builder.

Create reports using Kayako's drag-and-drop report builder.
Kayako provides an array of tools and features to make collaboration and delegation easier.

Delivering customer support over the web has never been this simple or organized.

Collaborate on support tickets more effectively with ticket notes, tags, owners and watchers. Your personal inbox is just a click away, along with custom ticket filters and views. Monitor support performance with SLAs and escalation rules.

Be more productive and efficient without sacrificing the personal touch.

Ticket macros are canned (predefined) responses on steroids. As well as configuring a canned message, your agents can have a macro set various ticket properties (like a department, priority or assignment change). The reply can be edited before being sent out, so multiple macros can be used to speed up work.

One-click access to ticket categorized macros. You can restrict macro categories to specific people or teams.
The knowledgebase is automatically searched as your customer types out their query.

Self-service put to use. Kayako puts knowledge to work for both customers and agents.

Build a rich knowledgebase and create step-by-step troubleshooters. Relevant knowledgebase articles are automatically suggested to your customers as they type out a query and to your agents as they handle a ticket. Kayako actively encourages your agents to save ticket resolutions to the knowledgebase for use later.

Tailors to how your organization works and not the other way round.

Kayako has been designed to enable your business to scale gracefully, without any helpdesk growing pains. Most areas are customizable, including the look and feel, departments, ticket priorities, ticket statuses. Add custom fields to collect important information, such as order numbers to tickets, users profiles and more.

Create a variety of fields types to collect and validate specific information. Example above shows custom fields filled in for a ticket in the agent's ticket view.
Build rich profiles about your customers and group them into organizations. User profiles can have notes, custom fields and file attachments.

We make helpdesks that are focused on the customer just as much as the business.

Your customers will find your Kayako helpdesk easy to use and a pleasure to interact with. Manage relationships as well as customers by infusing CRM into your support delivery with detailed customer profiles, avatars and organization groupings for complete and consolidated support histories.