Get back to crafting that perfect customer experience

With Kayako, your team will fly through more support tickets in less time, so they can focus on what matters: delivering that personal touch.

  • Macros

    Many tickets need the same type of update. Create macros to automatically populate several fields with just a click.

  • Notifications

    Create custom notifications to keep the team updated on their tickets when they’re away from the helpdesk.

  • Custom fields

    Customize the new ticket, chat and customer forms to collect the information your team needs right off the bat.


Customer service that scales as beautifully as your business

Kayako has all the tools you need to keep customer satisfaction high while you focus on growth.

Automate ticket routing to connect customers to the right people fast, set targets and track performance with SLAs and automatically escalate tickets before things slip.

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Craft customer delight

Kayako brings together all the information your team needs to deliver personal and proactive support.

Rich customer and organization profiles can be extended with custom fields, and a complete customer support history is always one click away.

You’ll know your customers better than anyone else.


Make an unforgettable impression

It’s easy to make Kayako yours. Create support centers with unique content for multi-brand support.

Measure and Improve

Get the answers to "How are we doing?"

Kayako turns helpdesk data into powerful insights. Measure customer satisfaction, track team performance and use your data to build better and faster customer service for your customers.

Get instant insights

We’ve used our customer service experience to build more than 100 key reports, so you can measure progress with just a click.

Check your pulse

In addition to customer satisfaction surveys, create metrics to get feedback from both customers and internally from your team.

Create tailored reports

Create your own reports using the powerful Kayako Query Language, and cross-reference custom fields so you know more about your business and products.

Get your daily digest

Schedule helpdesk reports to be delivered to your inbox. They make for great reading over coffee.


Customer service isn't just a desk job.

We love beautiful mobile apps. That’s why we created native apps for all types of devices so you can take your customers with you.

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