Start a conversation that matters

Launch a truly personal experience for every visitor the moment they land on your website.

Customer live chat interface

It’s as good as instant

Use the HTML tag generator to build custom live chat widgets for your website.

Live chat widget

Make the right impression

Customize the live chat interface to match your website and your brand.

Illustrate your point

A picture is easier than a thousand messages. Share screen grabs, files and links to communicate faster and clearer.

Proactive support is the best kind of support

Kayako Desktop for Windows and for Mac is your team’s real-time support powerhouse. It connects to the helpdesk and gives them the tools they need to proactively support multiple customers at once.

Understand your customers

See where your customers are from, who referred them and how they found you.

See what they looked at

With a full page view history for each visitor, you’re already up to speed by the time your customers click "Chat."

Transfer, conference, collaborate

Organize into teams and transfer chats to the right people in a click, or invite multiple people to the party.

  • Kayako Desktop real-time visitor monitoring
  • Kayako Desktop visitor browsing history
  • Transfer chats to other agents, teams even skillsets
Visitor rules and groups

Live target your ideal customer

Kayako collects all kinds of data about your visitors: where they're from, their language, the pages they’re looking at and who referred them to your website.

Put this information to work by creating target profiles to automatically engage visitors who match certain criteria.

Invite visitors to chat automatically

Turn visitors into customers by automatically engaging people who found you by a search engine, or offer a proactive helping hand to customers who look like they've spent a lot of time on your website.

Automatically invite visitors to a live chat using visitor rules
Intelligently pre-route chat requests

Intelligently pre-route chat requests

Got a German visitor? Pre-route their chat requests to your German speaking team. Someone looking for coffee brewing advice? Connect them to your Chief Brewing Officer.

Kayako puts your visitors in touch with the right people in your team instantly.

Connect with your customers from anywhere

Handle live chats anywhere using your favorite IM apps - including your mobile.

Find out more about the Chat Gateway

Your customers

Your customers chat with your team using the same helpdesk interface they love. Like Caryn, they can’t tell the difference.

Mobile live chat

Your team

Your team can connect to the helpdesk through the Chat Gateway using their favorite IM client, just like Simon is doing here.

Dial it up with voice

Kayako captures every conversation on every one of your channels. One single support history keeps everyone on the same page.

Record calls in the helpdesk

Capture calls in the helpdesk

Type up ticket notes while on the phone, or use your existing VoIP provider with Kayako Desktop for Windows to automatically capture call recordings in the helpdesk.

Some things just take a quick phone call. Kayako stores that too, so they're as convenient to access as your emails and chats. Never worry about losing track of notes again.

The magical click-to-call button

All your customers need to do is fill in their phone number and a call-me request will be sent to the team.

If you use Kayako Desktop for Windows with your VoIP provider,, your team can call a customer instantly. Customer WOW, guaranteed.

Click-to-call on your website

Bursting with productivity

Kayako packs all of the productivity tools your team needs to be able to deliver great, personal customer service at scale. Even when multi-tasking.

  • Canned responses

    Predefine live chat responses to help your team shoot out quicker messages.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Supercharge canned responses by linking your most common actions to keyboard shortcuts.

  • Supervisor mode

    Managers can check into live chats in progress to see how they can help.

  • Agent skills

    German speakers? Technical experts? Route chats to specific agent skills, to group across teams and departments.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Collect feedback from customers as soon as a live chat is complete.

  • Reporting and insights

    Measure progress with 100+ reports on metrics like customer satisfaction, response times and availability.

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