The management team

  • Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor

    Varun created the first ever Kayako to better serve his own customers. Today as CEO, he leads Kayako in our mission to help every business grow through better customer service.

  • Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards

    Jamie joined Kayako in the early days. As a co-founder, he focuses on creating the best product and service experience for our customers and community, so they can get better at customer service.

  • Raghav Arora

    Raghav Arora

    Raghav looks after our operations in India, ensuring our team is happy and has a great working environment, so that Kayako continues to be one of the best technology startups to work at.

  • Susan Robson

    Susan Robson

    Susan is our Finance Director, responsible for finance worldwide and ensuring we're running smoothly and keeping all runways clear for takeoff.

  • Tejaswi Chawla

    Tejaswi Chawla

    As VP Sales, Tej leads the teams who build relationships with our customers, to provide and understand what they need on their journey to better customer service.

  • Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain

    Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain

    Jesse leads design and creative throughout Kayako. As Creative Director, he helps bring our vision and message to life through amazing user experiences.

  • Kumaran Veluppillai

    Kumaran Veluppillai

    As Director of Marketing, Kumy leads the team responsible for our customer-centric marketing campaigns that engage and grow the Kayako community.

  • Sarah Chambers

    Sarah Chambers

    As Director of Support, Sarah leads the teams that helps our customers get the most value from Kayako and deliver the best customer service possible.

  • Kashif Razzaqui

    Kashif Razzaqui

    As Director of Engineering, Kashif leads the teams responsible for building our product vision, and ensuring Kayako is fast and reliable for our customers.

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