• 2001 December

    We start up accidentally.

    2001. Online support was clunky, frustrating or just not there. Kayako was born out of an idea to change that. In a 17 year old's bedroom.

  • 2003 June

    We launch Kayako 2

    Kayako 2 brought beauty to the world of stale and clunky business applications.

    We introduced live chat to our helpdesk and launched Kayako OnDemand. Helpdesk software was suddenly beautiful, easily accessible and affordable.

  • 2003 July

    To the cloud!

    For the first time, any business could be up and running with a web-based helpdesk in minutes. Kayako was a pioneer in delivering business grade customer service software that even the little guys could afford.

  • 2005 September

    We launch Kayako 3

    Kayako 3 quickly gained popularity as the world's first customer-focused, multi-channel helpdesk and would go on to define the web-based helpdesks for SMBs.

  • 2006 July

    We move into our first HQ

    We move into our new office in the city of Jalandhar, India. It was just ten of us, in one of the least likely places to establish a technology startup.

  • 2007 September

    10,000 strong

    Our community forums are buzzing with over 10,000 active members. Kayako has one of the the biggest and most active customer service and helpdesk forums.

  • 2009 December

    We give back

    We launch a community license program, providing free helpdesk software to charities and open-source projects. We've donated over $100,000 worth of software to good causes so far.

  • 2010 November

    We launch Kayako 4

    We spent over two years researching how our customers were using Kayako before building Kayako 4. We wanted to take powerful customer service tools, and make them usable and accessible. That is our core design philosophy and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

  • 2014 Today

    Where we are now

    A decade later, we are now a team of 140 with four offices in some of the best locations of the world.

Kayako team offsite

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