More apps available from the Kayako community

Kayako apps and popular apps from third-parties are listed above, but there's many more from the Kayako community available. Check them out on Kayako Forge

Apps for Kayako Download customers

At present, these apps can only be used by Download customers (who install and maintain Kayako on their own server).

We are working on bringing this functionality to our OnDemand customers - stay tuned. OnDemand customers can still take full advantage of all of the powerful Kayako APIs to integrate their helpdesk with other systems.

Are these apps supported by Kayako?

We support the Made by Kayako apps — we'll make sure they're up to date and will help you with any issues.

The Made by Friends apps have been built by third-parties. We only list well supported apps from established developers here. You'll find more information about them by clicking through to their websites.

Create your own apps

Kayako is the world's most developer friendly helpdesk - there's even an open source and a third-party solutions ecosystem built around it.

With our PHP framework, you can rapidly extend and modify your core helpdesk's functionality, and even build your own apps on top of your helpdesk to integrate even further.

Find out more about what's available for developers.

How do I install an app?

Click through to the app's download page (or purchase page, if it is a premium third-party app). It is typically a case of downloading the app package, uploading it to your helpdesk and configuring the app in the admin control panel.